Mets aren’t saying it, but Davis done for the year.

Perhaps the Mets learned from Carlos Beltran’s surgery, but there appears no rush to get Ike Davis back on the field for a glimpse of “what do we have for next year.’’

DAVIS: Happier times.

The Mets delayed surgery with Beltran and forced him back, and surgery was eventually needed. This year, Davis is looking at a three-week window to have surgery otherwise his comback next season could be compromised.

Speaking today at the Coleman County Day Camp in Merrick, N.Y., on Long Island, Davis said: “I’ve been out for so long, I need another spring training. I mean, I haven’t done really leg workouts in awhile. I’d have to have another month of just playing again and practicing to be at a level that would help the team. The best-case scenario, I get a couple of weeks in, but I would say the majority odds are probably wouldn’t play this year.

“Obviously, there’s a possibility that I don’t need surgery. We just need it to hear. And, if it doesn’t heal, we have to do something to make it heal.’’

Placing the foot in a protective boot made matters worse as it decreased his blood circulation. Davis is looking at microfracture surgery, which entails drilling tiny holes to increase blood flow and enable the cartilage to regenerate.

Doctors say it is possible to that type of surgery to hear in 12 weeks.


6 thoughts on “Mets aren’t saying it, but Davis done for the year.

  1. who’s bright idea was it to leave it in the boot so long?
    oh yeah the med staff. and we are supposed to have the warm fuzzies with them why?
    These guys are supposed to have some sort of medical degree or training , right?

  2. Only the mets could have something like this happen. a simple collision on a popup turns into season ending surgury. I hope he at least goes to the same surgeon beltran went to (against mets wishes) so he can save his career. Sandy has to get this straightend out asap.

  3. Ray (2): Revamping the medical staff was supposed to be re-evaluated under Alderson, but this smacks of the same old story. Davis should seeking multiple opinions.-JD