Today in Mets’ History: This year looking like last summer.

Mets got this break during collapse.

The Mets are entering a strangely familiar territory.

Last year the prevailing midseason issue after the break was whether Jerry Manuel could take control of his team and guide them either into the postseason, or to at least make a wild-card run.

It didn’t happen. On this date last season, the Mets broke a three-game losing streak coming out of the All-Star break with a series-salvaging 4-3 victory at San Francisco in 10 innings.

The game featured an atrocious call by plate umpire Phil Cuzzi that swiped a victory from the Giants. With one out in the bottom of the ninth, Cuzzi called out Travis Ishikawa at the plate, saying he slide under Henry Blanco’s tag.

Replays proved otherwise, but most damning was Blanco’s comments: “He was safe all the way. Everybody was surprised when he was called out.’’


With the victory, the Mets moved to 49-43, five games behind in the National East. Not bad on the surface, but the Mets were in the midst of losing seven of nine games, and would go on to lose six of their next eight, all on the road.

This season, the Mets dropped two of three coming out of the break to Philadelphia, and overall have dropped five of their last seven games.

The Mets close out July with a make-up game tonight at Citi Field, followed by three home games with St. Louis. Then they are on the road to Florida for three, Cincinnati for three and Washington for three.

Even with the positive news about Jose Reyes’ rehab game tonight, the Mets are in for an interesting couple of weeks until the trade deadline.

Last year they unraveled, but they had little to give up as nobody wanted Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo. This season there are more attractive things on the Mets’ rosters for contenders.

Carlos Beltran is currently the big prize. He’s healthy, playing well and has adjusted to a new team. The Mets could bring a prospect or two in return, more, if they extend a negotiating window to the team in attempt to land Beltran long term. Of course, Beltran’s agent is Scott Boras, and his preference in similar situations is to play the open market.

Boras is not likely to do anything to help the Mets, who will not receive compensatory draft picks if he leaves as a FA.

Reyes, who hopes to play tomorrow, is also available, but the Mets would like to keep him, and will do so unless they are bowled over. If that were to happen, the team would want a chance to negotiate with Reyes long term. The Mets will get more of a package in this situation rather than if they sell him to a team as a rental.

The Mets have several other players teams could covet in support or bullpen roles, including: Angel Pagan, Scott Hairston, Tim Byrdak, Jason Isringhausen, and tonight’s starter, Chris Capuano.

Here’s tonight’s lineup behind Capuano:

Angel Pagan, CF

Willie Harris, 2B

Daniel Murphy, 3B

Scott Hairston, RF

Lucas Duda, 1B

Jason Bay, LF

Josh Thole, C

Ruben Tejada, SS

Chris Capuano, LP


16 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: This year looking like last summer.

  1. Angel was going to be our CF of the present. It doesn’t look like it with a 250 avg.

  2. The way I see it is a pretty soft schedule coming up after facing division leaders the last few weeks. I think they will make up some ground over the next couple of weeks to make sandys job much harder. Hairston in the 4th hole? lets hope he stays hot.

  3. The difference between last year and this is night and day.
    last year M&M were sitting back letting the men play because they know their job.
    This time around TopCat is telling the men to play and here’s how. The issues this season along with injuries are that most of the team are “green” and triple A at best.
    Yet they go out and play to the best of their ability ..
    Big difference in my mind. Sucks we cant get a real rally going but .. you know what.. for a team destined to not make it. .500 aint bad..

  4. Ray(3)

    My point about Pagan is he had a fantastic year last year. Everyone was hoping he finally found himself and had turned into an impact player.

    He was let go by his former team because of a history of injuries and not making good plays.

    I think he is mostly a good player and have not noticed many stupid plays lately, but he is hitting 250 for the year after all. Not exactly what you want from an outfielder. At least not from a starter.

  5. Just read our team wanted in on the NHL Islanders new stadium, so they can purchase our AA affiliate and move it there.

    My question is with the impending insolvency of the team how did they think they could swing pitching money they don’t have to 1) buy an affiliate 2) partly own a new $400 Million dollar stadium?

  6. Steve(7)

    But as I understand it he has not been sanctioned by his holy highness the commissioner. As such he cannot be part of the bid. Besides, his 200 large was just for minority ownership of the team. If he fronts them more money he increases the chance that they pay him back, which would not be what he wants.

    He wants the Wilpons to fail so he gets the whole thing for his original investment.

  7. Yeah. i think Bud is holding off to protect wilpons. he knows its a bad deal for them. *sigh*
    oh well.. i have to look up if the deal is actually legit now or not.

  8. Dave, yes he has been hot and cold all year but he showed me in 09 and 10 he has what it takes to be a good player. CF is not necessarily an offensive position. The guy has speed and a little pop. He has cut down dramatically on his gaffes. I will keep him around awhile.

  9. Last night Hairston had to leave the game. Once again the mets cant get a break. Its getting harder to believe. Braves are hot and are seperating themselves from the pack. I wonder if Sandy will give them 2 more weeks.

  10. 12) ray:

    1 step forward 3 steps back.

    uphill battle..

    can’t win for losing..

    and when all else fails..
    Lets Go Mets!

  11. dave (1): A lot was expected of Angel heading into the season. He was down at on time but hasn’t made the progress he did last year. Angel still has an upside, but not to where he should be considered off limits. He’s not that great.-JD

  12. Ray (2): They have a lot of games coming up with the Nationals and Marlins. These are games they should win. Last night was a game they should have won, too. Both these teams play the Mets tough, so I can’t read much into their schedule. You are right in the sense that if the Mets are to make any noise those are the teams they should beat.-JD

  13. Steve C (3): There are some differences in how Manuel handled last year’s team and Collins this year’s squad. I thought there was more pressure on Manuel because the team was expected to make some noise if it stayed healthy. There was also considerable pressure on Manuel and Minaya to perform or they would lose their jobs, which is what happened. There’s no real pressure on Collins. The team was supposed to struggle and then expect a fire sale. So far, step one has played out.-JD