Today in Mets’ History: Big rally against Braves.

The Atlanta Braves didn’t always have a stranglehold on the Mets. On this date in 1973, Rusty Staub and John Milner each hit two-run homers as the Mets scored seven runs in the ninth inning in a dramatic 8-7 comeback victory at Atlanta.

Tug McGraw started and went six innings for the Mets, with Buzz Capra getting the win.


The Mets, who would play in the World Series that year, improved to 39-50 with the victory in sixth place in the NL East.




9 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: Big rally against Braves.

  1. Maybe they made a big rally in ’73 but the loss today in ’11 was very bad. The Phillies didn’t even take us seriously holding out their top two pitchers for another team. Mets aren’t competitive with the big boys. Need to let the kids play every day. Harris, and Izzy won’t be here when we may be good so let them go for whatever you can get. Rebuilding is painful but doesn’t work if you do it partially.

  2. Interesting that Yogi pinch hit Mays for Garrett in this game but not in game 7 of the World Series.

  3. 1. I remember this game very fondly. It was a tough year in 73 with a lot of injuries, but when the the team got healhy in time for the stretch drive, they had an incredible run to go from last place at the end of august to the world series. That makes mets fans with long memories willing to wait a little longer.
    2. Dan, I believe the mets won that year despite Yogi. He was a terrible manager as he proved by his incompetent handling of the pitching staff in the 73 series. yankees fired him twice and second time was after 2 weeks into the season. George didnt have patience for incompentent fools.

  4. Evan (1): Thanks for your post. Hope you come back often. You’re right. If you’re going to rebuild, do it the right way. I think they are caught between rebuilding and contending, but this weekend should have left little doubt. I believe the Mets will be doing more things in the rebuilding mode shortly.-JD

  5. Ray (3): Do you think the Mets should take a lesson from that team and stay in the hunt or begin the file sale full blast?. After all, they were further back in 1973.-JD

  6. dave (4): The thinking is tomorrow, but considering this is a hamstring, it wouldn’t surprise me if they put it off for a few more days.-JD

  7. 7. JD, If the gotta believe season isnt reason enough to wait, how about the 06 cards and the rockies of a couple of years ago. We have Reyes and Wright coming back soon maybe Ike and Santana after that. This weekend meant nothing without having even one of those players available. Beltran out as well. Its a wonder they pulled out one game.