Alderson dances around trade and future.

What else was Sandy Alderson going to say?

In a classic case of GM-Speak, Alderson said today in a conference call, “I certainly wouldn’t draw any conclusions from this transaction,’’ regarding this morning’s trade of Francisco Rodriguez to Milwaukee.

ALDERSON: Dances the dance.



He might be the only one.

This was about dumping salary, totally understandable considering the Mets didn’t want to pick up Rodriguez’s $17.5 million option. How well the Mets have played was irrelevant because clearing themselves of the option was their primary objective, although Alderson downplayed this issue.

He wasn’t believable.

Alderson insisted the Mets’ goal the rest of the way will be winning games, but that’s a tough sell considering he just traded their closer, and is actively looking to move Carlos Beltran, and wouldn’t say no to anybody asking about Jose Reyes.

Trading Rodriguez offers payroll flexibility, but realistically we’re only talking about 2012, and Reyes reportedly will seek six or seven years.

Alderson said there’s no connection between Rodriguez and possibly trading Beltran, but what other conclusion can you make? The Mets want to shave payroll and aren’t a realistic contender, so the fire sale seems the only realistic way for this season to play itself out.

Anybody can see that, so why can’t Alderson just admit it and spare us the GM-Speak?


13 thoughts on “Alderson dances around trade and future.

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  2. I said it last year and i said it this year. we may not like it. but the mets needed to start from scratch. it appears they are finally doing it, we may not like it as we are getting used to the new guys playing. but TopCat has shown he can manage this AAA team into winning against big league players.

    Lets Go Mets Go

    1.) Hey Ray: people have day jobs. JD is no different. He is keeping this site up because of his passion for the game and his adopted team . cut him some slack.

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  4. Steve C (2): First, thanks for your support and loyalty. It is greatly appreciated.

    You’re right, we realized a make over was coming and it could be bitter. And, it won’t be for just one year.-JD

  5. Maybe the question isn’t whether we should trade Beltran or even Reyes, but whether we should trade Pelfrey. Would other teams see him as a 4:58 ERA guy this year or the pretty good pitcher of 2010. That may be a far more difficult decision for Alderson.

    Maybe the Mets are lucky they got off to the 5-13 start. Suppose they were only 1 1/2 out of the wild card. Do they raise the white flag then?

  6. 5.) I always had a suspicion that Warthen isn’t good with green pitchers. Pelf and Maine are prime examples. I still feel pitching may be different with a different coach. But that is just me …

  7. 4.) no worries JD. you took your lumps in the early lohud days and proved to be a good met fan and fair in remarks on mets and other teams.

    I think we will see a lot of changes come august.

  8. Dan (5): Since Pelfrey has no physical issues now, there are a lot of teams that would take a chance with him thinking they could turn him around. However, I don’t see Alderson shopping him because of his low salary and upside.

    Even if the Mets were close to a wild card, I believe they would have made the Rodriguez trade to get out from under his option. But, I think the trade talks would be cooler for Beltran.-JD

  9. Steve C (6/7): The starting pitching might be better with somebody else. Pelfrey and Dickey have been somewhat disappointing. Niese and Capuano have been a lot better lately. To me, the real pitching problem has been the bullpen.-JD

  10. I see the problem with speaking the truth is that the bid price goes down. If you admit you are selling you have dropped the price. Even if they know the deal, not admitting it still gives you some pricing power.

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