Mets at Giants to close first half

After their strong showing in Los Angeles, the Mets attempt to close out their surprising first half in San Francisco, with R.A. Dickey going against Ryan Vogelsong.

A reoccurring story line to the Mets’ first half has been whether they will deal All-Star shortstop, Jose Reyes, who was placed on the disabled list with a pulled hamstring.

General manager Sandy Alderson said it is unlikely Reyes would be traded, and the team is interested in signing him to an extension this winter.

Reyes said his camp wants to negotiate after the season, and the Mets have not made an offer.

The Mets are now saying it could take longer than two weeks for Reyes’ hamstring to heal, which isn’t surprising considering his history with muscle pulls, first early in his career, and recently with his strained oblique. This is not an athlete with quick recuperative powers.

In the interim, the Mets are getting a good look at Ruben Tejada, who is proving not to be an easy out.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Angel Pagan, CF

Justin Turner, 2B

Carlos Beltran, RF

Daniel Murphy, 3B

Jason Bay, LF

Lucas Duda, 1B

Josh Thole, C

Ruben Tejada, SS

RA Dickey, RP


2 thoughts on “Mets at Giants to close first half

  1. another nice win last night. How they do it without all their stars is amazing. As for Reyes, as nice of a player as he is, if some teams wants to give him a long term guaranteed contract I say good luck. The money would be more wisely spent on a player who is not so injury prone. Matt kemp comes to mind. Tejada might not be as flashy but he gets the job done.

  2. ray (1): One of the most encouraging aspects of the first half is how they have adapted to losing players. As far as Reyes goes, he is having a great season, but he does have an injury history. How anybody thinks he won’t break down during a long-term contract hasn’t been paying attention.-JD