Saying no to K-Rod.

Francisco Rodriguez, knowing how the game is played from the business side, is willing to accept a trade to a contender and work as a set-up reliever. He would waive the $17.5 million option that is to kick in after finishing 55 games this year for a contract extension.

Evidently, the same offer would apply to the Mets if they were to extend him by say, three years.

Of course, the Mets will need a closer after this season and there’s no guarantee Bobby Parnell will take to the role. Even so, as good as Rodriguez has been this year, I’m not willing to gamble with him, even at 29,

He’s pitching well, but to me too much of that is pitching for a new contract – or the option. He’s been a model citizen after last year, but three years is excessive. He still has the volatile motion that could make him vulnerable to injury and losing something off his fastball.

Yes, he’s pitching well, but if the Mets are lucky enough to escape his contract at the trade deadline, they’d be foolish to hang on to him. If they can run away from this, they should.

8 thoughts on “Saying no to K-Rod.

  1. Closers in general are unreliable. Outside of Rivera, how many have been notable for more than 2 seasons? Besides, their effect on a game is minimal.

  2. wasn’t he pitching well b4 we signed him?

    i would rather get someone else. someone cheaper who will do as well. he is fragile. he gets bored when the game is not on the line. he is an above average closer but not elite.

    get someone else.

  3. another fine mess omar has gotten us into. the only way out is injury. of course he will be the only met to enjoy perfect health this year.

  4. Donal (1): When you break down most teams late-inning losses, most of them occur in the seventh and eighth innings instead of the ninth. For the money they could spend on him, I’d rather see them build up the depth of the bullpen.-JD

  5. dave (2): He was among the better relievers when the Mets signed him, but he didn’t come here without issues and red flags. For one, the Angels, the team that knew him best and won with him, didn’t go out of their way to try to keep him. That should tell you something.-JD