Today in Mets’ History: Cleon Jones signed.

On this day in Mets history, outfielder Cleon Jones from Plateau, Alabama, was signed by scout Julian Morgan in 1962.

JONES: Catches final out of 69 Series.

Jones made his major league debut in 1965, but won the starting centerfielder job out of spring training in 1966 and finished fourth in the Rookie of the Year voting.

Jones developed into a star in 1969, and was hitting .341 with 10 homers and 56 RBI and was named the starting left fielder in the All-Star Game.

According to several accounts, the turning point of the Miracle Mets’ season came several weeks later when manager Gil Hodges walked out to left field to pull Jones after failing to hustle.

Forty years later, Jones said Hodges was his favorite manager, and recalled the incident as a pivotal moment in that season. J0nes will always be remembered for catching Davey Johnson’s fly to left for the final out of the 1969 World Series.


Jones was inducted into the Mets’ Hall of Fame in 1991.


3 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: Cleon Jones signed.

  1. I look at these numbers. A 280 avg and not more than 14 hr’s, yet he was a star. In today’s world he is a bench player according to the numbers.

    How times have changed.

  2. numbers very simiiar to reyes who most of you (both) think the mets should back up the brinks to keep around while he nurses yet another injury. the only diff is in stolen bases. cleon put together a full year of .340 batting average which jose has not. He also posted a .317 avg in 71. the reason cleon really stands out to me is his clutch hitting. when he came off the DL in late 73 he had so many clutch hits and homers that september never mind having his head in the game to relay the famous rebound from the wall play against the hated pirates and their dreaded lumber company. Cleon doesnt get enough credit for being a great met in my humble opinion. delcos. when are you gonna be active on these boards? Its nice to get some feedback sometimes. you put up great articles and just wait until the next day to put up another one. maybe you would have more activity here if you became more involved.