Reyes sits again; lineup posted vs. Dodgers.

Jose Reyes took batting practice tonight from both sides of the plate and jogged off the field. It was a positive sign, but not enough for Terry Collins to change his mind.

“To get Reyes for one game tonight or tomorrow and then lose him for three weeks is just stupid,’’ said Collins, not daring for a second to attempt the Jerry Manuel Two-Step when it comes to injures.

The Mets, on the verge of being swept by the Yankees, Sunday, will be going after their third straight victory tonight at Los Angeles.

Here’s tonight’s lineup behind Mike Pelfrey:

Angel Pagan, CF

Justin Turner, 2B

Carlos Beltran, RF

Ronny Paulino, C

Jason Bay, LF

Daniel Murphy, 3B

Ruben Tejada, SS

Lucas Duda, 1B

Mike Pelfrey, RP


3 thoughts on “Reyes sits again; lineup posted vs. Dodgers.

  1. Now he is going on the DL. I dont know if it is worth the risk of a long time contract with this guy.

  2. Ray (2): He’ll always be an injury risk. I hear he wants seven, but that’s too long for me. I wouldn’t do it. Four or five, but he’ll turn that down.-JD