Reyes sizzles in June. Will he stay to sizzle past July?

Jose Reyes had one of those dream months in June when he hit .385 (45-for-117) with seven triples, 11 stolen bases, 29 runs scored and a .425 on-base percentage.

REYES: What's going to happen?

The only other player to reach those numbers in triples, runs, steals and hits was Ty Cobb in 1912.

How can he not be the player of the month? But, will he last another month in Flushing?

I’m beginning to think he will, even though I am not sold on him being here next season.

Things could fall apart in July and by the end of the month there could be the fire sale we’ve expected, but figuring for a minute the Mets remain competitive I can see them holding on to him and making an offer during the winter.

Doing so will act as a diversionary tactic to focus away from the Wilpon’s financial problems. If the Mets made a solid offer, and I define that being over $100 million for the package, they can always say they tried and blame the market.

I believe $100 million over five years is fair, but it probably won’t be accepted. The Mets must think long and hard about seven years for the following reasons:

* Reyes is a player who does it with his legs and how much running will he be doing at 34 and 35?

* He’s having a superior season, but this is his walk year, and there must be the thought he won’t produce like this again.

* This is the healthiest he has been in two years.

I believe the Mets already know what they will offer Reyes in terms of years and money, and barring a complete collapse for the rest of the month will keep him as to not alienate the fan base.

Should the Mets remain competitive, they will have much harder decisions to make on Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, players they would prefer to unload because of their finances.

If the Mets remain around .500 and have a half-dozen or more teams they must hurdle, they might see it too difficult to contend and deal. However, should they make a serious run in July despite a difficult schedule they might go for it.

4 thoughts on “Reyes sizzles in June. Will he stay to sizzle past July?

  1. I think the Mets will keep him unless some other team backs up the truck. My understanding is if we hold we get 2 first round picks.

    They should not do what we did for our closer 2 years ago which is to give him away for a player who is no longer in the system.

    for the other 2, if we are playing like we are now I cannot see them being traded.

  2. I voted to keep him in the poll.

    Yes I am flipping, only because we are playing well. I cannot see the team tanking on the fans. They have a duty to try. If they have a reasonable chance of doing well they cannot bail on us. As much as it may make sense to.

  3. He will not keep this pace. He has a history of bad septembers. as far as his legs, He does it with his bat, his glove and his arm too. btw how old was Lou Brock when he broke the SB record? older than 35 as I recall.