Hot Mets still need David Wright.

I am not saying this hasn’t been fun to watch, but Justin Verlander will start this afternoon for the Detroit Tigers against the Mets.

WRIGHT: Still need his stroke.

The Mets have won four straight games – scoring a franchise record 52 runs in the process – and six of their last seven to climb to two games over .500.

All teams go through stretches like this where they seemingly score at will. They’ve been scarce for the Mets, who should be enjoying it while they can.

However, this is not to say the Mets have turned some kind of offensive turner and evolve into another Lumber Company or Big Red Machine. Amazingly, some suggest David Wright’s return might gum up the works.


Wright started swinging the bat yesterday in a pool and could hit off a tee today. If all goes well he could play rehab games in a week and possibly return after the All-Star break.

Yes, the Mets are hot now and playing with a degree of chemistry, but they are only two games over .500 and five games behind in the wild card. After Detroit, they have the Yankees for three games and a long West Coast trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

There’s a lot of season left, but an even smaller window where the Mets must prove they are players and worthy of not having the plug pulled from their season. A lot rides over the next 31 days, and it would be foolish to suggest the Mets would be better off without Wright in that span.

16 thoughts on “Hot Mets still need David Wright.

  1. I admit the thought has crossed my mind that this team is doing so well because they make contact. Murphy is a good example. He is clutch. I will take a two out single over a strikeout anytime. The Mets got off to a great start last year but all of the Ks in the middle of the order by Wright and Frenchy killed so many rallies. Maybe David can regain his old quick swing, but right now he is going the wrong way in that department. We will see what happens when he comes back, but I could live with Murph playing 3rd base.

  2. I like David, I really do, but he carries baggage. The most important of which is the issue Ray brings up which is strikeouts.

    The other is the new stadium is in his blood. He wants to hit HR’s here and he can’t. Of course there is always throwing across the diamond which has always haunted him.

    Yes he would help the lineup because it would bring star power to the middle of the order.

    I agree that we have been playing well and that it will not last. All things being equal it is better to have him in the lineup than not, but we are playing well and the team is hustling. Something the team has not always done.

    I saw an ESPN spot where TC was mentioned as a manager of the year candidate.

    I saw an add for the weekend series and the Met ad showed Beltran hitting. I thought that odd since we are trying to get rid of him.

  3. Recently I read an article that compared Jose with Ty Cobb. 1000 games and the triples and stolen bases mark.

    Pretty rare company for our star player.

    Where Jose goes we go. It has always been this way. Regardless of who else is on the team. I notice Jose is not trying to lift the ball which is nice.

  4. Its too bad murph isnt cut out to play second. I love his approach to hitting but when david and ike (hopefully) come back he will be without a position once again.

  5. 4. Wow comparisons to the great ty cobb. If fred fails to re-sign him he will be run out of town in a hurry and mets fans will hate him like they hate the mdonald. I hope he doesnt get voted in for the asg as it will only increase his price.

  6. Ray(6)

    He should be voted to start in the all star game. He is playing really well right now.

  7. I think the baggage in the luggage rack is shifting. Bay his smarter at the plate these days. he isnt an auto out anymore

  8. I was reading an article about the upcoming weekend series and they commented on the size of the stadium and how we are good at stealing.

    The stadium makes Jose that much more valuable and David less so. He strikes out an incredible amount of times and he likes hitting homers which is hard to do here.

    He needs to start walking and making contact and hitting line drives or we should trade him.

  9. To follow up on the above, we should be more like the Cardinals of years ago than the Yankees from across town.

    Speed, Defense, Pitching and aggressiveness.

  10. Metsfan

    I probably would be a terrible GM as I don’t really know the game.

    I am willing to give this new guy a chance as so far he is not over-promising and I generally like what he is doing. I am still on the fence about Jose because of his injury history, but he really does fit this stadium and them team as always done well when he does.

  11. I agree with the 80s cardinal approach. you need 2 ace pitchers, great D, linedrive hitters who can run and make contact. rabbits in the OF. Strong bullpen. Build around reyes. Power from first. btw Wright hit 29 Hrs last year. one less that the mighty arod.