Are the Mets’ handling Niese’s heart condition properly?

Just when the Mets start feeling good about themselves again, something happens that makes you scratch your head and wonder: “Can’t these guys use common sense for once when it comes to injuries?’’

NIESE: Where's the common sense?

A franchise notorious for mishandling injuries, they are raising concerns for how they are dealing with Jon Niese’s rapid heart beat.

Niese had a rapid heart beat pitching Saturday in Texas, and amazingly was allowed to stay in to face one more batter.

Niese was examined by a Rangers doctor, who didn’t find anything imminently concerning, but the Mets are waiting today for him to get an intensive medical exam with the team in Detroit.

Not only was Niese permitted to fly to Detroit from Dallas, but also to drive two hours to his off-season home in Ohio.

We could go on for hours about how the Mets have mishandled injuries, but in dealing with a heart issue, doesn’t it make sense to address it immediately?

Obviously, the Mets don’t consider the exam by the Rangers’ team physician all-inclusive, otherwise they wouldn’t be having him tested again. The odds are likely in Niese’s favor, but why take the chance?

There’s nothing to be gained by waiting and everything to lose. The new regime was supposed to handle things differently when it came to injuries, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Questions were asked after David Wright was allowed to play a month with back soreness that turned out to be a stress fracture. And, Ike Davis was supposed to be back in two weeks after an ankle sprain, but he could be out the rest of the season.

Waiting makes no sense. None.

6 thoughts on “Are the Mets’ handling Niese’s heart condition properly?

  1. If you or someone else were to speak with a qualified medical professional and quote him to the effect that (based on the details of Niese’s medical history and the precise symptoms he was experiencing) the Mets should have sent him for an intensive exam right away, then I will start taking this seriously.

    It may sound to you “amazing” that Niese was left in to face another hitter, but I haven’t the slightest idea whether it was ill-advised or not, since I have no medical training.

  2. I have just one question. was the medical staff changed with the new regime. or were they kept like warthen?

  3. I am not a doctor. It could have been normal reaction to the game and the weather. he could be fine. But for the last 5 years . I have NOT trusted the Mets Med. staff. with good cause.

  4. acoustic567 (1): I don’t have a medical background, either, but I have watched how the Mets handled such things in the past and it hasn’t always been good. Niese checked out fine today, but why did they find it necessary to take the risk?-JD

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