Today in Mets’ History: Anthony Young loses again.

YOUNG: The losing never seemed to stop.

Futility is often a word linked to the Mets, and who dealt with it more than Anthony Young who lost 27 consecutive decisions, including No. 24 on this date in 1993, losing 5-3 to St. Louis.

From April 14, 1992 while with the Mets, until May 1, 1994, then with the Chicago Cubs, Young lost 27 straight decisions.

That stretch including 13 quality starts, defined as giving up three runs in at least six innings.

Young finished retired in 1996, last pitching for Houston, with a 15-48 record, but a decent 3.89 ERA.

Do you remember Young and that stretch? If so, please post your thoughts.




One thought on “Today in Mets’ History: Anthony Young loses again.

  1. Actually his losing streak ended with the Mets on July 28th, 1993. He should have lost that game actually. He came in for the top of the ninth relieving Bret Saberhagen in a tie game and gave up a run. But in the bottom of the 9th Mets immortals like Jeff McKnight, Ryan Thompson (tied it), Joe Orsulak got hits and Eddie Murray won it. Young proceeded to lose his next five games before winning as a Cub in 1994.

    Mets actually got someone who played for about 10 more years for him, Jose Vizcaino. Unfortunately the first thing I think about Vizcaino is that 15 hop groundball hit off Turk Wendell in game one of the 2000 world series.

    Young did find a way to lose a lot of games and he was with a team that lost a lot when he wasn’t playing, “The Worst Team That Money Can Buy” of Jeff Torborg.
    I always thought he was halfway decent but was he snake bit? Was he missing an “out pitch” when things got tough?

    The Casey Stengel Mets had two guys with long losing streaks. Roger Craig lost 18 straight in 1963 before Jim Hickman won a game with a walk off grand slam (Craig wore 13 that game because the equipment manager had a dream that Craig won wearing 13). Craig Anderson lost something like 23 straight over three years before being released.