Wright cleared; Capuano injured; notebook.

David Wright was cleared today to resume baseball activities and will head tomorrow to Port St. Lucie to begin his rehab.

The Mets are talking about two weeks, but we’ve heard that song before. There’s a lot of torque to a baseball swing and we don’t know how his back will respond to that stress.

It is premature to discuss where Wright will hit in the order when he returns, just as it is too soon to assume he’ll be back in two weeks and step right in.

This should come under the category of: No surprises here.

Chris Capuano pitched a strong six innings, but left today’s 4-1 victory over the Athletics with pain in his right abdomen.

There was no word from the Mets after the game whether Capuano would miss his next start.

NOTEBOOK: Pitching prospect Matt Harvey and third baseman Jefry Marte will participate in the Future’s Game as part of the All-Star festivities in Phoenix. … Mets starters have a 2.62 ERA over the last 27 games. … Second baseman Ruben Tejada is in a 2-for-29 slump. … Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese and Dillon Gee will pitch against Texas this weekend. None have faced the Rangers.


4 thoughts on “Wright cleared; Capuano injured; notebook.

  1. Keith made mention of this early on, that the workouts today are much different and need to be revisited. In his day, these oblique and core strains. just didnt happen “as much”
    Also in my mind, there is way too much coddling. the most common of injuries now take a player out of the game and then becomes protracted to the point of the player is out. there was a time a player got cut or bruised the medic would kiss it make it better and the player played. unless of a fracture./break/concussion i just dont see these injuries taking these multimillion dollar players out of action.
    this has become POLO. a bunch of millionaires playing a pick up game and when they get an “owie” they go home to mom. If this is going t be the norm then what the players get paid needs to be drastically rethought. I wish i made millions of dollars to sit out because of a muscle cramp. all i know is I have to be at work everyday regardless of how i feel or use a sick day and hope i get better,

  2. 1
    polo used to be a tough game. wasnt it gengis khan or one of those who used to play?

  3. 2.) yeah. i think they would take heads of off people. not unlike the original hai alai (sic?) the american indians played.
    we have all become “soft”