Poll: What should the Mets do with Carlos Beltran?

I’ve added a poll on what the Mets should do with Carlos Beltran. Your votes and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Should they:

1. Keep him and make a long-shot run at the postseason, even if it means not receiving any draft picks when he inevitably signs elsewhere as a free agent?

2. Trade him for whatever they can get and save some salary, even if that’s a white flag on the season?

3. And, the long shot of the all, re-sign him to an extension now. Figuring his agent is Scott Boras, he’ll probably ask for three years.





3 thoughts on “Poll: What should the Mets do with Carlos Beltran?

  1. You trade him

    We aren’t winning this season. He is playing ok, but not what Boras wants for him and why not give the kids a shot now?

  2. dave (1): I think that’s the way to go. There will be no playoffs this year and he’s gone next year. Get something. Anything.-JD

  3. I believe the Mets won’t get any draft picks for him if he signs somewhere else. I’d actually love to see him come back for a year or two. The change to right has been so good. And do we have a good alternative right now in the minors? I’m not convinced about F-Mart, Duda, or any of the other guys we have kicking around.