Examining potential Beltran trade.

BELTRAN: Trade deadline approaching.

The question doesn’t appear to be “if,’’ but “when,’’ the Mets will deal outfielder Carlos Beltran.

The physical questions that followed him into the season have seemingly been answered in the positive, which means the Mets don’t have to think solely about dealing with the American League, although there are several interesting possibilities, including Boston, Chicago and Detroit.

The Red Sox could have inside leverage because executive Allard Baird – who interviewed for the Mets’ GM job – was the general manager at Kansas City when Beltran played there. That could help in Beltran waiving his no-trade clause.

In the National League, San Francisco needs offense, as does St. Louis with Albert Pujols injured and out from four to six weeks. Lance Berkman could move to first base to replace Pujols and make room for Beltran in right field.

To move Beltran, the Mets figure to eat a portion of his $18.5 million contract. How much they digest could make it substantially easier to move him. Unless they decide to make a serious run at a wild card – which would have to mean adding players instead of subtracting them – it does the Mets no good to keep Beltran because they would not receive compensatory draft picks as he is not arbitration eligible.

As badly as the Mets want to save salary and add prospects, don’t look for a crosstown move to the Yankees for two reasons, 1) the Yankees’ priority is pitching, and 2) there should be no inclination on the Mets’ part to aid the Yankees.

Should GM Sandy Alderson trade him to the Yankees, it would clearly indicate he doesn’t have a grasp on the lay of the land in New York. The Mets are struggling, both on the field and financially, and the last thing they need is to trade a key player that could put the Yankees over the top.

A trading of Beltran would raise a white flag of sorts, but don’t trade him to a prime antagonist.


12 thoughts on “Examining potential Beltran trade.

  1. In the end it comes down to money.
    Trading still occurs during war even with the enemy. History is wrought with it..
    Baseball is no different.

  2. JD: They can afford him can’t they? if they can get someone to soak up as much of the 18 as possible. wouldn’t you ?

  3. In the not too distant past the Mets traded a much more popular player to the Yankees and they survived. They were the second team in the city before this trade and they stayed in the exact same place after it. How did they do it? Who am I speaking of? I guess you’ll tell me that Robin Ventura was past his prime! Will you tell me that Beltran isn’t? The only thing the Mets did wrong was getting Justice vice a kid or two. Other than the the GM is supposed to make the team better. I guess since Alderson hass shown no inclination to do that, then this is good advice to him.

  4. I would trade with the Yanks if it gives us the best deal. I am for improving my team. We are a long way from the World Series and playing any meaningful games with the Yanks.

    Of course we should get rid of the american/national thing and just play the schedule and your rivals, but that is another thread.

    I know my stance is unpopular. Many Met fans would kill if a trade was made with the Yanks.

  5. I just read something on the Kazmir trade years ago. It appears the front office suspected that Zambrano was damaged but our dear leaders ( i mean owners ) overruled their objections.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  6. I dont hate any team until they play the mets. even the phylthies.
    Do i want to get garbage for gold. no i want gold for garbage.
    Lets’ hope alderson does the right thing and gets good players and reducing cash flow.
    while the yanks of course. spend spend spend,.
    the best bought team in town.

  7. first of all what kind of idiot GM would give a player a contract where the team cant offer arbitration? I have never heard of any other player getting this. regarding ventura he was shot. Beltran is still productive. He aint goin to no steenking jankees.

  8. Exactly the response I said I would get. except from a poster vice the owner of the site. lol…

  9. Ray (9): Was a really stupid thing to do in not offering the arbitration. But, we’ve seen stupid things before from Mets management. You’re right about Ventura. He was at the tail end of his career when he left the Mets.-JD