Today in Mets’ History: First Mayor’s Trophy Game.

On this date in 1963, there was no such thing as interleague play thankfully. There was, however, the Mayor’s Trophy Game, which was a one-game exhibition.

In the early years we knew the Yankees would crush the Mets, and many times that’s been true.

However, in the very first Mayor’s Trophy Game, played in Yankee Stadium before 52,430, Tim Harkness’ two-run single keyed a five-run third inning to highlight a 6-2 victory over the Yankees.

Jay Hook and Carl Willey combined for the win.

The Yankees held a 10-8-1 record over the Mets in the Mayor’s Trophy game.

Has anybody every attended one of the Mayor’s Trophy Games? Have any memories? Please share them.


10 thoughts on “Today in Mets’ History: First Mayor’s Trophy Game.

  1. I went to the 1964 Mayor’s Trophy game at Shea. Yankees won by a 6-4 score. Roger Maris hit a home run off Jack Fisher (#60 in 1961, Mets also had Tracy Stallard on that team). Yankee manager Yogi Berra put himself in as a pinch hitter and grounded into a doubleplay. We fans chanted “We want Casey” but Stengel figured at 74 he was too old to bat.

  2. I wasnt there, but there was a game in the late 70s when a game went into extra innings and craig nettles threw one into the stands letting the mets win and the yanks to go home. I wonder how george felt about that one.

  3. I was at the 1st Mayor’s Trophy Game in 1963. I was a Yankee Fan and for me unfortunately, the Yankees started a bunch of scrubbs. No Mantle of course. Instead of Bobby Richardson at second base, they had somebody named Pedro Gonzalez. I had never heard of him before or after that game. Big disappointing night for a 10 year old Yankee Fan. Casey Stengle pulled out all the stops as this game meant more to hime than the entire season.

  4. I sang the National Anthem with THE HERALD TRIBUNE FRESH AIR FUND CHOIR, at the first game. I can still see Mantle and Maris standing right next to us…..It was magical

  5. i am trying to figure out which mayors trophy game i attended.
    it was at yankee stadium at night, and i think it was my first ballgame there.
    al downing pitched (i think started) and he was in the minors at that time.
    would this be the 1963 game?
    if it was june 1963 then i would have been 11 yrs old.
    the first ball game my parents took me to was at ebbets field, but cannot remember who the dodgers were playing. it was a day game. i remember the hard wooden seats and we were seated field level around 3rd base.

  6. I was at the first Mayor’s Trophy game. The Mets had Jimmy Piersall in center and Duke Snider in left. Snider was laughing so hard from Piersall’s antics in center he had to cover his face with his glove. At the end of the game thousands ran on the field, ripping up pieces of sod and generally going crazy. I took advantage and ran to center field to stand on the same spot where Dimaggio and Mantle stood. They turned the lights out to get the people to clear the field, it only made it crazier. It was a great night for a 15 year old.

  7. Subject = Mayor’s Trophy Game… I have looked around and the history of this tradition is not complete. I went to the 1960 Mayor’s Trophy Game at Yankee Stadium. I was graduating from grammar school, 8th grade in 1960. My Father gave me a really big gift treat. My baseball hero was Gil Hodges. He moved with the Dodgers in 1958 to LA. Well my Father took me to Yankee Stadium to see Gil play at the NY Yankees VS LA Dodgers on Monday night. Then we left from the stadium to drive to Philadelphia, to see the LA Dodgers play the Philadelphia Phillies in Connie Mack Stadium on Tuesday night…. I saw Gil play two nights in a row…… do your homework….. there was a 1960 Mayor’s Trophy Game.

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