Santana resumes throwing; return not soon.

Johan Santana resumed his throwing program and told ESPN Radio he believes it is possible to return in late July.

SANTANA: Throwing again.

That falls under the I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it category. Athletes are always putting a positive spin on the return dates of their injuries, and Santana is no exception.

The most hysterical thing I’ve heard lately was on a call-in radio show when the topic was who Santana would replace in the rotation.

There’s no way of telling when Santana would return as evidenced by his setback in June when he complained of soreness in his shoulder. Santana underwent surgery last September to fix a torn capsule in his left shoulder.

The protocol in these things is to throw off the mound to build up this arm strength and work on all his pitches.  From there, it will be throwing to live hitters in batting practice, until graduating to rehab games.

It takes a pitcher a six-week spring training to be ready for the season and that puts us into early August. As of now, Santana isn’t even at the first day of spring training.


4 thoughts on “Santana resumes throwing; return not soon.

  1. It’s all wishful thinking. Listen to Ronnie or Bobby O. when it comes to pitcher recovery.

  2. I saw something where Chen Ming Wang of the Yanks had the same surgery and look where he is.

  3. Steve C (1): They would know. Like I’ve always said with injuries and the Mets: Always bet the over when it comes to a return date.-JD