Scioscia’s trip to Citi Field brings back painful memories to Mets fans.

There’s no interleague drama between the Mets and Angels, as is the case with most interleague match-ups.

SCIOSCIA: Hit infamous HR vs. Mets.

To me, the most interesting hook to this series is the return of Mike Scioscia against the Mets, the team during the 1980s that was supposed to be a dynasty, but won only one World Series.

There might have been another if not for Scioscia, then the catcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was Scioscia who turned around the 1988 NLCS, and subsequently might have derailed those Mets, who had won 10 of 11 games against the Dodgers during the regular season.

The Mets were up 2-1 and cruising behind Dwight Gooden in Game 4, taking a 4-2 lead into the ninth. John Shelby led off the inning with a walk, then Scioscia crushed a Gooden deliver to deep right to force the game into extra innings.

The Dodgers eventually won it in the 12th on Kirk Gibson’s homer off Roger McDowell. Without Scioscia, Gibson doesn’t hit that homer, and likely not the one against Dennis Eckersley in the World Series.


7 thoughts on “Scioscia’s trip to Citi Field brings back painful memories to Mets fans.

  1. I remember that game very well. Gooden was mowing them down but everybdody but davey knew he was out of gas and left him in too long. And that was the last playoff appearance for that group. next year they strarted breaking up that team. the bad guys lost that one.

  2. Ray, Also many hitters caught on to Doc’s high fastball. and would sit on it.
    such the shame. it was a could decade for the mets. all in all. 😉

  3. Ray (1): There’s no telling what would have happened had Scioscia not hit that homer. Maybe they would have won the WS that year and they would have kept the team together.-JD

  4. I think all the partying caught up with them by 89. straw had a bad year, doc got hurt and they just played lifeless ball. I think that combined with the 88 choke job made cashen decide this group was a bunch of underachievers and it was time to start over. Too bad he got nothing back for any of these guys.

  5. Ray (4): The partying did do them in. Hey, if they won the WS in 1988 maybe the partying would have increased. Who knows? Great point.-JD

  6. Game 4 turned it all around. They had NO business losing that game. Win that game and they would have in essence put the series away! What a disaster.