Sandy Alderson speaks, but what is he really saying?

ALDERSON: What's he really saying?

As usual, there’s a lot of issues floating around the Mets, and general manager Sandy Alderson touched on several this morning on WFAN.

Not all his comments can be interpreted in the positive, and for the most park he spoke in GM-speak, which means more smoke than fire and nothing definitive.

Among the issues:

Jose Reyes: Alderson recognized the year Reyes is having, but said he doesn’t know if the shortstop intends to test free agency and hasn’t determined the parameters of a contract offer.

This seems incomprehensible. First of all, How can Alderson not plan on Reyes testing the market? He can’t be naïve enough to believe the player will take what the Mets offer in the offseason without testing the market. The only way he won’t is if he commits to the Mets now and he certainly won’t without a contract offer.

For an offer to be made, Alderson has to have limits and I can’t see how an opening offer hasn’t already been determined, even with the Wilpon’s financial troubles. The Mets must know the price keeps rising the better Reyes performs and they need to make a decision now on whether they want to keep him.

Reyes has played well enough, and long enough, so far for that decision to be made. If the Mets are waiting to see if he’ll make it through the year healthy, then they seriously risk losing him. The longer this drags on, the odds get longer on him staying with the Mets.

As far as trading him, Alderson won’t tip his hand, but must realize that with how well the team is playing he risks the fans losing interest if the Mets deal Reyes.

Francisco Rodriguez: If the Mets plan on contending, they’ll need a closer and Rodriguez is pitching lights out. Quite simply, as long as the Mets play close games, Rodriguez will get opportunities to finish games and subsequently that $17.5 million option will kick in.

The Mets can trade Rodriguez if they offer a negotiating window to the new team to work out an extension instead of the option.

It was a lousy contract, but there’s little the Mets can do about it now. If they limit Rodriguez they risk losing games and having a grievance filed against them by the Players Association, which they’ll lose.

If the Mets trade Rodriguez it would be a clear white flag on the season. If that is the case and they are able to deal Rodriguez, they might as well go the whole route and move Carlos Beltran and Reyes, also.

David Wright, Ike Davis and Johan Santana: Alderson said the returns of these players would be akin to making a trade at the deadline, which often is GM-speak for not doing anything.

It irks me when I hear that because it isn’t like making a trade. Had these players not been hurt, the Mets would probably be better, but how much? Maybe  it is coincidental they are playing their best ball without Wright and Davis.

Anyway, getting these players back might make the Mets whole again, but just how good would that be? Certainly not enough to win the division and maybe not enough for a wild card.

The Mets are playing well rand have reached .500, but not much was expected going into the season and it can be concluded they are playing over their heads.

Come to the park: Alderson said he hopes people will show up at Citi Field, thereby adding additional revenue. However, the bottom line is people will show up if the product is winning, and the first step to putting a competitive team on the field is to not trade off the key parts.

That means the ball is in the Mets’ court.

8 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson speaks, but what is he really saying?

  1. I know this statement won’t make some people happy but you know if Omar Minaya was still the GM Reyes would NOT be going anywhere no matter what it takes.

    You just KNOW that.

  2. John, there is a difference between not knowing what Reyes intends to do and not planning for it. He may very well have a plan set with how much they are willing to offer and what to do with each foreseeable outcome. But, he’s not a mind reader and as far as we know, Reyes has not tipped his hand on how he wants to proceed.

    And even if Alderson did know, he’s not going to give away valuable information about a big negotiation like that.

  3. Donal (3): He said he hasn’t defined the parameters of an offer, which suggests he has no plan for it. Reyes has said he wants to stay here, so that should say he’s willing to discuss listening to the Mets.-JD

  4. I listen on the radio. Those guys sing the praises of tejada every chance they get. Wilpon is not giving crawford money to reyes but somebody will. It might even be the phils or the yanks. can anybody here remember 1979 with 700,00 paid customers or 1980 with an opening day crowd of 12,000? we already know wilpon is stupid. Lets hope the next guy is a little bit smarter.

  5. My take on all this is two words, David Einhorn.

    This is the new owner. He made a deal to buy the Mets. He has not been blessed by MLB and so nothing can be done.

    Once his 200 large hits the Mets they can breath. If for some reason it gets rejected they may become the new Expos.

    Once he comes in the picture they can have serious discussions about the cost of the team. Without him you liquidate the team.

  6. I like Tejada. But he is not the same type of player Jose is. I criticize Jose for many things. But when he is on, he is one of the elite.

  7. A good article Delcos. You have broken thu at least, blaming the inept front office instead of bashing Reyes. Congrats to you.
    to Mr donal…. Your post proves once more, over a century after being stated by PT Barnum… “There is a sucker born every minute”.