Complaining about field helps Mets.

The Mets whining about the field last night might have been the turning point in the game. After Jose Reyes slipped leading off first, the Mets complained the field was too soggy and asked the umpires to have the grounds crew apply a drying agent.

REYES: Scoring in the first.

Reyes promptly stole second and scored, which turned out to be a big play as the Mets won by one run.

Although this worked out for the Mets, I don’t really like it. So the Braves watered down the infield to slow down Reyes. Get over it. It’s gamesmanship and teams have always tailored their field to their own advantage.

Wear the metal spikes Jose and move on. To complain makes the Mets look like whiners.

Teams have forever let the grass grow in the infield to slow down ground balls, sloped the baselines to help their bunters and watered down the infield to slow the opposition.


Ron Darling made an interesting comment when he said are they going to next make them cut the grass.

Another thing I took out of last night’s game was the continued stellar pitching of Jon Niese and the starting rotation.  Last night he didn’t walk a hitter, and is 4-1 with a 1.58 ERA over his last six starts.


Niese is pitching with poise and confidence, and is able to throw what he wants, where he wants and when he wants.


As confident as Niese is, Jason Bay is the opposite and I continue to wonder why Terry Collins won’t give him a shot hitting second behind the blistering Reyes. Collins raised the idea several weeks ago, suggesting seeing more fastballs might help Bay, but hasn’t moved on it since.


The only way for Bay to break out of this is for him to play. Playing Willie Harris last night was understandable because of his numbers against Jair Jurrjens, but Bay has to get back in there.


Bay can’t be traded and won’t be demoted, and dropping him in the order hasn’t helped. Batting him second needs to be explored.

6 thoughts on “Complaining about field helps Mets.

  1. gamesmanship goes both ways. Collins was trying to help his team. Jose doesnt wear metal spikes because early in his career they got stuck and caused him an ankle injury. do we need to see reyes get hurt now when he is carrying the team. get over it delcos.

  2. regarding Niese, Yes its very exciting to have a young pitcher like this. He could become a staff ace and the mets havent brought up a pitcher with this potential in many a year. Kudos must go to the warthog. This staff is performing way above expectations.

  3. I agree with John. The Celtics used to have a high heat place to play in the playoffs that would drain the opposition. Northeast teams make visiting teams play football in their conditions, not in climate controlled prissy environments like today.

    It is part of the game like an ump blowing a call or getting in the way of the play. Deal with it.

    For Jose, if he had problems in the past I am sure he can have his shoe company engineer some device that will give him better traction without ripping his knee or ankle.

  4. ray (1): I don’t have any problem with Collins trying to protect his players. He should. I just thought the Mets came off as crying last night.-JD