What’s the answer for Bay?

Terry Collins floated the idea several weeks ago, but never followed through with batting Jason Bay second in the order behind Jose Reyes.

Theoretically, Bay would get more fastballs with running threat Reyes on first. Batting second snapped David Wright out of funks before, and perhaps it would do the same for Bay.

BAY: Strike three. You see this a lot.


Obviously, dropping him to sixth didn’t work. He’s still chasing breaking balls away. He’s also not turning on the fastball, and his plate presence is terrible.

Bay’s problems are physical and mental, and there’s no quick fix. Afterall, this has been lingering for two years with no signs of coming out of it.

I don’t believe sending Bay to the minor leagues is the answer, because what good does beating up on those pitchers do? Assuming, of course, he does beat up on them.

Bay needs to work himself out of this by playing, so an extended benching isn’t the answer, either. Hitting second might not work, but it hasn’t been attempted.

I hear and read a lot about trading Bay, but none of that comes from the Mets. It’s more wishful thinking than anything else. Bay’s untradeable for three reasons, beginning with his monstrous contract.

He’s also had an injury history since coming to the Mets and there’s his lack of production. Nobody wants to trade for that baggage, so it is safe to say Bay will be here for the duration of his contract, so get used to him.

There were signs that screamed the Mets shouldn’t have signed him they ignored. As much as the Mets needed offense two winters ago, starting pitching was even more of a premium for them. The Mets preferred Matt Holliday, but weren’t willing to spend that kind of money.

Bay’s value to the Mets is to work himself out of this prolonged funk and become the player projected of him. Maybe hitting second will provide the answer, maybe it won’t.

But, it is worth a try.


5 thoughts on “What’s the answer for Bay?

  1. As far as not being able to trade Bay all I can say is that rite now it would be trading our baggage for someone else’s that would be the most likely way a trade would ever happen.

    Still it’s more wishful thinking than anything else.

    As far as batting him 2nd goes Collins was quoted to say “We’re trying to do all the options we can give it.” in regards to getting Bay righted so batting 2nd is a possibility.

    By the same token If he continues to struggle I still would not rule out a trip to AAA if for anything else just to get his head straight. He is just having an awful time of it and it continues to worsen.

  2. North Jersey (1): Thanks for your comment. I have to look into it to see if Bay’s contract is similar to Perez’s in that he can refuse a minor league assignment. … If Collins really wants to explore all options, then why not try second?-JD

  3. An answer for Bay? How ’bout giving back 95 percent of the money the Mets are wasting on him?
    Look at Bay’s numbers as a Met. Even bust signings like Bobby Bonilla and George Foster did more back in their day.
    I NEVER liked this signing. People thought we were getting a power hitting outfielder and instead it’s Elliott Maddox all over again.

  4. I disagree. Sending him down would increase his confidence and relieve pressure (if he hits) It would also help the team by replcaing him with a useful player. Batting him second is crazy. you cant give those at bats away.