Today in Mets History: Keith hammers Cubs.

Keith Hernandez wasn’t much of a home run hitter, but on this date in 1987, he went deep twice as the Mets pummeled the Chicago Cubs, 13-2, at Wrigley Field.

HERNANDEZ: So smooooth.

The game also featured four hits each from Gary Carter and Kevin McReynolds. Hernandez, Tim Teufel and Rafael Santana drove in three runs apiece, and Dwight Gooden pitched eight innings to earn the victory.

I always liked watching Hernandez play. Whenever I watched the Met from that era, Hernandez was always the guys I’d want at the plate when a clutch hit was needed. Darryl Strawberry was always feared for his power, but Hernandez was the one with the game on the line.

One question I’ll ask Hernandez when I see him next is whether he could have been a home run hitter if he tried to hit for more power. Wade Boggs always said he would hit more homers if that was his mindset, and I believe the same the same would have applied with Hernandez.

Defensively, he was superb, and along with Don Mattingly, New York was blessed to have two premier first basemen during the 1980s.

Hernandez was so smooth at the 3-6-3 double play, and, of course, making the throw to third off a bunt. Nobody made that play better than Hernandez.



2 thoughts on “Today in Mets History: Keith hammers Cubs.

  1. Yes. Keith was a line drive hitter. He was a solid 300 hitter for us.

    Darryl could carry the team for a month or so then he would disappear.

    Keith was just there at the plate and the field.

  2. I’m not sure but I think i heard Keith talk about what if he tried for more HRs. I’m sorry i can’t remember the exact details but I think he said if he tried that sure he could have hit more but his average would have suffered.

    And who can forget Keith’s incredible fielding of bunts, the way he would run in and charge the ball and then turn and throw to 2nd or 3rd and get the runner out. Nobody ever did it better than Keith