Mets doing well despite all that’s happened.

PELFREY: One of the players who haven't performed.

Believe me when I say this, but I am not taking a drink of the Kool-Aid. I never expected the Mets to contend this season and don’t expect that to change.

I still think over the next six weeks the Mets will attempt to shed payroll in the names of Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and Francisco Rodriguez. I don’t know what will become of David Wright, but I know they won’t, and can’t, trade him now because he’s injured.

Despite the low expectations from this team coming out of spring training, and regardless of the maddening ball they play at times – they still don’t hit with runners in scoring position and I can’t believe Reyes didn’t get that ball the other night – they are fortunate to be 28-31, an amazing three games under .500.

If they had any kind of bullpen, the Mets would be over .500 and we’d be thinking about the wild card.

Even though that’s not the case, the Mets are playing some surprising ball considering all that’s gone awry. Truth be told, when you look at all their issues, they are  lucky they aren’t ten games or more under.

Let’s look at it:

* They haven’t have Johan Santana all season and don’t figure to get him until July, if at all. That’s an immeasurable loss.

* Their de facto ace, Mike Pelfrey, has been inconsistent. Not Oliver Perez inconsistent, but he hasn’t taken the next step expected of him after last season. There were many who thought he could evolve into a 20-game winner this year.

* Chris Young is out for the season. He was a reach anyway, but pitched well in spots before he was injured.

* R.A. Dickey, last year’s surprise, has been off, although he’s pitched better lately despite being 3-6.

* Jon Niese had high expectations, but is 4-5 after a slow start.

* The Mets’ bullpen is ranked 25th in the majors with a 4.37 ERA, and has a 10.43 ERA over its last 14 games. The Mets have been outscored 42-18 in the seventh inning and 38-26 in the eighth. They have been outscored 103-65 from the seventh inning on.

* The Mets have lost eight games when leading after the sixth inning.  The Mets have lost nine one-run games and four two-run games.

* Josh Thole has been hot lately, but overall his .234 average has been a disappointment. Defensively, he’s had his problems with passed balls and throwing out runners.

* Ike Davis has been on the disabled list since May 12, and there’s no word on his return.

* Wright is on the disabled list with a stress fracture of his lower back, but prior to that was hitting .226 with 18 RBI.

* Jason Bay was on the disabled list to start of the season, but has rebounded to hit .216 with two homers and 10 RBI. Rebounded, of course, was written with sarcasm in mind.

* Angel Pagan was on the disabled list for a month, and last year’s surprise is hitting .229 with home homer and 10 RBI.

This was supposed to be an ugly summer, and despite all that’s gone wrong it hasn’t turned out that way. The Mets have been remarkably competitive and it makes one wonder what things could be with a healthy roster, some players performing to their expectations and a better bullpen.

When you look at the total picture, which also includes the distractions from ownership and the potential of a roster purge, the Mets have played surprisingly well and fortunate to be where they are record-wise.

If we could be sure the team would stay intact the rest of the year, and even add a piece, it could make for an interesting summer.

Would be nice to find out, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards.


8 thoughts on “Mets doing well despite all that’s happened.

  1. Hey congrats. you can’t help yourself and your anti-reyes stuff. You have to knock a guy having one of the greatest seasons in Met history over one missed ball. Nothing has changed since the lohud days has it?

  2. hitman (1): How did I knock Reyes? I just pointed out an example of how frustrating the Mets can be. You can’t help yourself to knock me. Nothing has changed with you.-JD

  3. Wow. With your list of what has gone wrong I can’t believe we are not last in the NL. Wait, we almost are.

    Seriously. I agree. 3 games under 500 is not bad.

    I do think we will shed players. I cannot believe we are already at that point.

    I am still on the fence about Jose. He is having a good year and the gambler in me says sell high. But the fan in me says keep him.

  4. dave (3): It is hard to believe how fast the season has gone and we’re almost to the point we all thought could happen coming out of spring training. I do see them shedding players unfortunately.-JD

  5. The minute the Wilpons go bankrupt einhorn will take over
    I c them dealing Reyes

  6. With last night’s win over the Brewers this team is only 4 1/2 games out of the wild card and like you said, I’d like to see what this team can do with a healthy roster for awhile and if we can remain afloat until Ike and Wright (more importantly Ike) get back it could be very interesting. This is not a bad lineup at all and has a lot of depth but with all that said Jason Bay is KILLING this team. With a normal Bay maybe hitting about .280 with 10 HRs or so by now this team would be at .500 or maybe even above in my opinion.

    I don’t want to talk about any cleaning house yet because right now we are fighting for the wild card. I prefer discussing things like what we have to to to remain in the race instead of who gets traded or not later in the season, otherwise why even look forward to baseball season if you’re going to give up so quickly

  7. Bayonne (7): I posted today about Capuano possibly being used as trade bait. I’d rather talk about gearing up for a race, too. But, I don’t think that will happen.-JD