Bay dropped in batting order.

I wonder what took Terry Collins so long, but he finally dropped Jason Bay in the batting order, from fourth to sixth.

Bay entered the season as one of the Mets’ biggest questions, but has not produced and waiting for him to turn it on doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

Here’s tonight’s lineup against the Braves:

Jose Reyes, SS

Justin Turner, 3B

Carlos Beltran, RF

Daniel Murphy, 1B

Angel Pagan, CF

Jason Bay, LF

Josh Thole, C

Ruben Tejada, 2B

Dillon Gee, RP


One thought on “Bay dropped in batting order.

  1. the only reason it took so long, in my opinion is that there were no viable alternatives. Now it looks like Murphy will get his chance. Bay has been the biggest disaster omar has bestowed on the mets to this point. His demise is truly a headscratcher.