David Wright update; talks with Fred.

WRIGHT: Wants to stay.

David Wright is expected to have another X-Ray taken on his back today. Obviously, there’s no timetable for him, and there won’t be until the tests are completed.

It bothers me it took so long for him to be diagnosed with the stress fracture. Blame him for putting the tests off and the Mets for not being insistent. There’s no reason why he played another month in discomfort.

Meanwhile, Wright reportedly has spoken with owner Fred Wilpon, and said: “All is well. I think it’s been well documented that I enjoy playing here and I hope I can be doing that for a long time.’’

Trade rumors are part of the game and they continue to swirl around him and Jose Reyes because of the Mets’ financial problems.

Trading Wright might bring back several prospects in return, but the loss of what a healthy Wright can do on the field and the marketing of him is hard to measure.


6 thoughts on “David Wright update; talks with Fred.

  1. If he spoke with the owner he is putting his chips in to say I want to be here.

    I read something the other day where they ran the numbers which said keeping Jose here financially was not all that difficult even if you cut the budget 20 million or so.

    David is the face of the franchise. Perhaps if they sold him it would be Ike.

  2. Mr C typical comment from a met fan. over rating average talent and then becoming disapointed later on when you poor expectations aren’t met. Stellar to describe Murphy is a joke for SNL.

  3. Well, at this point, there is time to see how Wrights back is doing before getting into serious discussioms. Everybody loves Reyes again, but I would want to see a full healthy season from him at least. If he goes, it looks like the kid Tejada could be a nice shortstop of the future.

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