Willie Harris …. zip it.

HARRIS: Tone it down.

Just who is Willie Harris to call out anybody or any team, let alone the one who just beat him?

“No disrespect, but the Pirates aren’t much better than we are right now,’’ Harris said after last night’s meltdown.

That’s total disrespect and such a quote should nail down for him “Idiot of the Week Award.’’

The Mets’ late-inning collapse was again attributable to the bullpen, and Harris’ shoddy defense. First, in not getting to a ball and second not knowing where the bag was which failed to get a force, and, well you know the rest.

Maybe Harris was trying to be positive, but he’s not helping his team by calling out the Pirates, who play the Mets this afternoon and next week in Pittsburgh.

When you’re playing bad, just own up to it and don’t give the other team any ammunition. A team such as the Pirates, which has been losing for the better part of two decades, takes its motivation where it can and Harris just gave them a little more.


NEXT UP: Collins’ rant.

2 thoughts on “Willie Harris …. zip it.

  1. what? after his ridiculous plays?
    oh brother!
    I just read a few articles about TopCat laying into the team. and bay agreeing it needed to be done etc.
    So i guess there will be a shake up and let’s hope we see people in perm positions.
    almost 60 games we should have position players. regardless of injuries.
    with that said. bays last 3 hits proves with this ball park and these players. small ball is in order. 410 feet bomb. and it gets caught. i wanted to fricken puke.
    i said on chat last night. only kingman straw and possibly piazza could hit a HR in this park, consistently.

  2. Steve C (1): Small ball requires fundamentals and strong pitching, and the Mets have neither. I’ve got Collins’ rant coming up next.-JD