Mets rally to win; don’t go overboard on Collins’ speech.

The easy thing to do would be credit this afternoon’s startling comeback on Terry Collins’ blistering rant last night.

Maybe Collins shamed them somewhat, but it didn’t seem that way from the outset when Mike Pelfrey gave it up early. I think falling behind 7-0 had more to do with sparking the Mets than anything Collins said last night.

When you’re a professional athlete, sometimes it takes being pushed around to catch your attention, and that’s what happened today. Maybe for one day at least, enough was enough.

Pelfrey did nothing yesterday to prove he’s a No. 1 starter, but Carlos Beltran showed his mettle with a three-run homer hit early enough in the game to make a comeback a realistic thought.

After their early hole, the Mets played an aggressive, sound game, something they should be doing all the time. That was the essence of Collins’ message in the first place.

It’s an oversimplification to say Collins going off carried the Mets. If it was that easy, he’d rail all the time. In baseball, where they play 162 games, results are rarely attained by yelling.

Maybe the Mets were just due today. Maybe it was playing the Pirates, a team as Willie Harris said, “is not much better than them.’’

The Mets have had games like this before, but weren’t able to build on them. This weekend it’s the Braves coming in and we’ll see if the Mets are able to feed off today or just burp and regress.

3 thoughts on “Mets rally to win; don’t go overboard on Collins’ speech.

  1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    When it was Jerry, it was ‘he’s a clown’, he’s making excuses, he’s telling the replacement players they’re not good enough and they need to hold on until the regulars return.

    Now it’s Terry, he’s basically holding all that are playing accountable. His passion for the game was evident in the post game last night. He wasn’t as much ‘yelling’ as he was frustrated and emphatically showing that.

    I don’t know what some Met fans expect to see from a manager. Maybe Davey Johnson who knew they were all out partying every night but turned a blind eye as long as they produced? Even when they showed up hung over?

    How about Howe who looked as about disinterested as any manager can during a game?

    I might not agree with all TCs lineups and in game moves but I had no problem with that interview last night.

    Mets aren’t going to lose them all. I can handle watching a loss as long as it’s a crisp, defensively well played game with no mental mistakes – especially with the lack of good talent out there right now. Outside of Pelf who was one step up from awful the rest did their job.

  2. Maybe that’s the problem. these mets aren’t good party animals 😉