Will it ever happen for Bobby Parnell?

The Mets wasted a sparkling performance by R.A. Dickey last night, but with their anemic hitting lately, that’s hardly a surprise.

PARNELL: Will it ever happen?


What I took out of last night’s loss was again a spotty, head-scratching performance from Bobby Parnell, who continually proves it isn’t how hard you throw it, but when and where.

Parnell tweaked the radar gun at 100 mph., but was all over place, needing 32 pitches to get out of the inning, but not before giving up a two-run single that effectively put the game out of reach.

Perhaps the circulation issue in his finger is resolved for now, but that doesn’t mean he’s void of questions and concerns.

One scout said it is the same old thing with Parnell.

“He doesn’t have the command or the ability to control a secondary pitch consistently,’’ said one scout, adding when Parnell muscles up with this four-seam fastball the pitch has a tendency to flatten out. It’s harder than his two-seamer, but without the movement required at this level to get hitters out.

I thought the Mets misused Parnell under Jerry Manuel – putting him in the rotation, then yanking him after a few bad starts at the end of a lost season – but now they seem to have slotted him into one role.

However, Parnell hasn’t adopted to that role, leaving the team with several options:

a) Leave him in the current eighth-inning role and allow him to take his lumps at this level.

b) Pitch him earlier in the game that keeps him exposed to major league hitters.

c) Send him to the minor leagues and assign him one role and allow him to perfect that.

Conventional thinking had Parnell taking over the closer role for Francisco Rodriguez after this season, but his inconsistency and ineffectiveness had shoved those plans to a back burner.


5 thoughts on “Will it ever happen for Bobby Parnell?

  1. He is not a closer. At least not now.

    I don’t know what will happen with him, it is too bad. He had potential. I guess he still does.

    On a brighter note Dillan Gee is doing well.

  2. Pelf was surprising too. as was Maine.
    but then again they were under M&M.
    Alderson and TopCat seem to have a better handle on the team. at least we are consistently exploding in the 8th 😉
    and i am sure this will get fixed as have the other issues.

  3. 3. so said the blind man to the deaf man. Question for you Mr C. Do you just like tow write things to help Delocs’clicks or do you live in a state of total fantasy?

  4. 4. how so? i indicated that the team had surprises and that we are exploding after 7/8 innings. what am i delusional about in your mind? if you can’t have reasonable discourse with us then please. be Descartes and just don’t think about me and I wont exist to you. Otherwise, kets just discuss and not get “personal” Thanx