On-line get-well card for Gary Carter.

CARTER: Thinking of The Kid.

Very saddened to hear the update about Gary Carter’s brain cancer not being good. Inoperable. The family is posting an on-line journal, available through ESPN New York. It is enlightening, yet sad, to read the words by Carter’s daughter, Kimmy.

This is an emotional and stressful time for the family, and it takes considerable courage to share these intimate moments with the public that has long adored Carter.

It is always sad when the heroes of your youth are ill and face their mortality. No, they aren’t forever young and strong and fast. Carter is no longer ripping home runs, stroking line drives and throwing out base runners. The fire in his game is now reserved for fighting his illness.

According to all reports, what Carter is fighting for is time and a miracle. He will get my prayers and well wishes, and that from thousands of admirers.

The outpouring from friends in sports, former teammates and celebrities, has been gracious and well meaning. He would also like to hear from his fans as well. Please post your thoughts, prayers and memories of Gary Carter here, and this on-line card will be delivered to him. Tell us how he made you laugh and smile, and hopefully those reflections will make him do the same.




63 thoughts on “On-line get-well card for Gary Carter.

  1. I always loved the Kid, and every player out there loved him. His stealing second base proved showed that…

  2. God bless you Gary. You will forever be one of my all time favorites. I know you will fight this cancer just like you fought in your amazing career… Like a bulldog!

  3. I was very sad to hear about the Kid, he has been my idol fromt he day he came to the team, I remember sending him a picture that he returned & it said, Dear Frank, thanks for all the kind words, best of luck & may god bless you always, typical kid, I also have my license plate with the number 8! God Bless you Kid!

  4. Gary, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I love all the Mets from ’86 but when you were up to bat, regardless of the situation I just felt like we could count on you. Fight like you played and everything will be alright!

  5. For fans of my generation, Gary Carter will always be _the_ quintessential Met catcher. He was also my mother’s favorite Met – she had a Gary Carter Cabbage Patch Doll that was always around our house. Every time I think of Gary it brings back fond memories of her as well. Gary, my thoughts and prayers are with you – I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. I was 11 in 1985 when the Mets acquired Gary Carter. It became apparent to me immediately that “The Kid” was a gamer, a hustler and a winner. Although he could hit, his defense and field leadership was invaluable. He became my favorite player almost immediately, and I wore his number and played his position for the rest of my baseball career.

    Good luck Gary, as always, we are rooting for you.

  7. I had the opportunity to meet Gary in Camden, NJ when he was coaching the LI Ducks in 2009. He hung around after the game to sign my #8 Mets t-shirt jersey and take a photo. As a life long Mets fan and a die-hard Gary Carter fan, it was one of those memories that I will never forget. My G.C. Mets (toddler sized) jersey is hanging in my sons room – I hope he has the same passion and desires that Gary displayed as a player and will hopefully power him thru this.

  8. From as far back as I can remember being a Mets fan, I was also a Gary Carter fan. Regardless of what sport I was playing growing up, I chose to wear number 8, a practice I still follow to this day for my mens softball team and roller hockey team. I can remember growing up, having one of those mesh snapback mets caps, and placing it over my face pretending it to be a catchers mask. I remember playing t-ball and asking my coach(my dad) if I could catch. Even though I had little to no responsiblities behind the plate those days, I imagined myself in Gary’s cleats and even looked foward to taking a shower after the game, making sure I use Ivory soap. I was such a fan of Carter’s that I briefly switched allegiance to the Giants when he left the Mets. Even after he retired I had a fondess for Carter and I made sure I was present during his inaugeration into the Hall of Fame.I could go on and on about what “Kid” meant to me growing up. He’s been a big part of my life and has been an inspiration to many baseball fans all over the country. Get well soon, Gary

  9. Gary You are the Man! My favorite Met growing up. Your smile made everyone watching smile and those homers in Fenway in ’86 made all Mets fans smile a whole lot wider. You will get better soon. Believe and hold on to your faith. It will get you through this time fully recovered:)

  10. Gary, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you will beat this sickness and be able to enjoy a long and healthy life with your family. Get well!

  11. Gary, you were my childhood hero, and I am 100% certain that you will beat this — the world needs more great men like you, so as a man of faith myself, I know it’s not your time.

    Get better Kid!

  12. Thank You Mr. Carter,

    It may seem small to you know, but you certainly helped create wonderful memories for my as a youngster in the 80s. Best of Luck fighting the cancer. We are all pulling for you.

  13. Gary, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this challenging time. I always admired the way you played the game: with passion, excellence and the joy of a young child. You are one of the reasons I have always worn the No. 8 in any sport I have played. I know you will fight this with the same strength and determination you showed on the ballfield. Always remember: Ya gotta believe!

  14. Hang in there Kid! Pulling for you from Goodyear, Az! Thanks for all the great Met memories!

  15. Keep the faith, Kid. I will never forget your hit to start the rally in Game 6. When everyone else was ready to give up, you showed us all that anything is possible if you take things one base at a time. You have a lot of fans and we are all rooting for you. Ya gotta believe.

  16. Gary, I was born in 1981, and I spent the rest of that decade pretending I was one of two things: a Ninja Turtle, or catcher for the New York Mets. I spray-painted a blue 8 onto the back of my white shirt. Then I ran circles in the living room, carrying a broomstick as my baseball bat and pretending I just started a rally to win Game 6 of the World Series.

    As nice as all those memories are, you can inspire your fans once again by fighting to beat cancer. I pray that you will.

  17. I became a Mets fan after watching the ’86 team, especially because of the Kid. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless

  18. Gary,
    Thank you for all the happiness you gave us Mets fans during your time at Shea.
    We know that if anyone can beat this thing, it’s a champion like you.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  19. Gary: my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have been a Mets fan since I was 7 and it started with the 86 team. You are part of the reason I’m a baseball fan. You are the idea of a baseball player and someone I looked up to on and off the field. Just know that even in a rival city like Philly you had many admiring fans and we were always pulling for you. Thank you for all that you have meant to my childhood, the game and the Mets organization. Stay strong Kid!

  20. My thoughts and love go out to you and your family Kid. You were, and now, more than ever are my hero. I love you and give you whatever strength I can to help you.

  21. You will always be remembered as a Great Baseball Player and A BETTER MAN!! May God be with you as are my Prayers are for you and your family.

  22. I was born and raised a Mets fan, and The Kid was my idol growing up. Playing wiffle ball in the yard, I always copied his batting stance, and in Little Leauge I always copied his hustle, heart and smile. Get well soon Gary, my thoughts and prayers are with you always!! God Bless!

  23. We all knew the mid-80s Mets were for real the day we acquired a world-class player and person in Gary Carter. And the Opening Day GW HR only validated what we’d learn again in that fateful Game 6 – when the chips are down – a winner comes through.

    As much as I looked forward to Gary’s on the field exploits, I always enjoyed his post game and pre game quotes – forever the leader who said the right things and embodied the approach that fans expected and enjoyed even when things were crazy all around him.

    Now, I wish him and his family the very best as a very small way to repay the joy and example he’s given me.

    The chips are down, things are going crazy all around him – I know that if anyone can come through in this spot – its THE KID.

  24. Gary, I admired your level of play. But moreso, I admire your energy, passion, and example of a solid Christian perspective. I pray for you and your family. I do believe you’ve got plenty more living to do.

  25. Gary Carter signalled the turnaround for the Mets in the early 1980’s. I remember when I heard that the Mets had acquired him, It was a momentous event; the first of many missing pieces to turn the franchise around.

    Gary, you were always involved in big events for the Mets. It was your grit and high level style of play that really turned the Mets into winners.

    Fight the fight and always remember you are in our prayers.

  26. It was at El Torito on Jericho Tpk in Syosset, NY where I met Gary Carter. It was 1987 – I was 10, and the Mets had missed the post season. I was eating dinner with my family, and saw him sitting there eating with a friend. I was so excited that I ran right up to him to say hello. My father followed after. I remember Gary being very nice to me, and to my dad. I had nothing for him to sign, but that was ok – the memory has stuck with me almost 24 years later. We all have heroes growing up; many of whom change at various life stages.

    Gary Carter was a hero to me then, and again today. I know he will fight this, and I wish him and his family strength at this time of struggle.

    Keep fighting, Kid! We’re all thinking about you!

  27. You were my very 1st favorite Met!!! Loved watching you play!! my thoughts and prayers are with you!!! stay strong and fight hard and you will beat this!!!!!

  28. ’86 was the year that cemented my love for the Mets that still burns to this day and I can truly say Gary Carter was one of the main reasons. His youthful exuberance, on the field leadership and clutch plays and fearlessness proved to me when you put your heart and soul into something great things happen. I pray that these qualities allow him to overcome his latest and toughest of all battles. Mets fans will always love “the Kid”.

  29. I am not a Mets fan, however the very fist game I saw on TV was Game 7 of the ’86 world series. When I think back to watching it on TV, I always see Gary Carter’s huge smile and enthusiastic celebration with his teammates when they won it all. Get well number 8!! We Love You!!!

  30. I was 12 years old in ’86 and will always wish in vain for the Mets to put another team out there like you guys. You guys never gave up, no matter how many runs down, no matter how many outs in the 9th. If the Mets could win Game 6 of the World Series, (and you had a huge part in that) then all things are possible, and all you can do is fight your hardest and hope the ball lands between the outfielders. I am rooting as hard for you and your family right now as I did for you, Keith, Darryl, and Doc. Hang in there, “Kid”… NY loves you!

  31. I always enjoyed watching The Kid when I was growing up. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice. Once when I was a kid, and once the day before his Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. He was always a pleasure when meeting his fans. All the best to Mr. Carter and his family.

    1986 World Series Champion Mets forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Gary – I always admired you for playing the game the right way, with enthusiasm and intensity. And the way you conducted yourself off the field should be an inspiration to all athletes and fans. You truly are a role model.

    God Bless and get well soon, Kid.

  33. I remember watching Gary as a kid. He was always one of those ball players who gave 100% all of the time. A close friend of mine recently went through GBM and we finally lost him last year. It was sad but I would like Gary to know that what we do from RIGHT now till our time is gone is what matters. He will always be loved by us Mets fans. So in a way. He will never die. Just like my friend Alan. He is always going to be with us as will you Mr. Carter.

  34. Still remember opening day 1985 as if it was yesterday, what a way to make an entrance.

    Win, lose or draw you are forever part of an extremely significant time in Mets history, but that is not nearly as significant as the impact you have had on your family.

    Best wishes. We are going to see you out at Citi Field again as we try to make it more like “Big Shea”.

  35. Wishing you an your family all the best during this tough time!! I will be praying for you!

  36. My thoughts and prayers are with Gary Carter and his family. I loved to watch “the Kid” play with the 80’s Met teams and feel that his acquisition put them over the top. This news is sad to not only us Met fans but all fans, and I can only hope that playing the game of boys will help to inspire Gary’s fight and provides him with cherished memories.

  37. When you and Keith came over it was the start of something great. I have wonderful memories of the 1986 Championship and the level of excitement you brought to the team.

    Much love Gary. We are all rooting for you!

  38. When I think, “1986 World Champions”, I think of you. I also remember seeing you in person in Vero Beach later in your career when you were a Dodger. Even at a young age I realized that you were the epitome of class, a true gentleman and a role model. You were polite with fans and your love of baseball and life were obvious. Thank you, Sir. Best wishes as you fight this. This world needs more Gary Carters.

  39. Best wishes, and all the good luck I have I send to you ! You were my childhood hero, playing for the Mets, the Kid could do it all, and you did. I can’t say how saddened I am about all of this, and hope and pray that everything works out for you. God bless you Gary !

    Greg Bara

  40. I was born in 1987. I have never seen the Mets win a World Series. As I result I have watched my father’s vhs copy of the 1986 World Series more times than I can count.

    Many things stick with me from my countless viewings. Most of all I remember thinking that Gary Carter looked like he was having the most fun. I’m not sure if this struck me because I was a child, but it is an enduring memory. I guess ‘The Kid’ is truly a fitting nickname.

    My thoughts and prayers are with The Kid and his family in this, their hardest of times. I wish them well, and I hope for the best along with the rest of you.

    Best wishes Gary! You taught me baseball is supposed to be a good time.

  41. Get well gary carter one of nicest mets I ever met.hey wilpons retire number 8 , already its long overdue, this man is a champion and hall of famer and one hell of a human being, do the right thing!

  42. Thanks Gary for being part of an exciting team in 1986 that brought joy to a franchise that had suffered through the dark days of M. Donald Grant.
    Praying or a quick recovery and for peace and healing for your family and you.
    God Bless You.

  43. I was born 9 years after the ’86 Mets won it all, but I still love to hear the legend of The Kid. Hanging on the wall of my room, I have a photograph of Carter running to Jesse Orosco on the mound after clinching Game 7. Thanks for all you have done for the amazing Mets franchise. You are a true hero.

  44. Gary, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. You’re strong and with your positive outlook along with your family’s love, you will get through this. Remember, you won in ’86 and you’ll win again now, especially with so many people pulling for you!

  45. Mr. Gary “Kid” Carter I want to wish you all the best in your battle! we all know you have the inner strentgh and positive attitude to win as you always have! Thank you for all the great baseball memories over the years in New York. My dad was a Yankee fan but also loved watching you play, you were one of his favorite ballplayers. My first and only World Series was the first game at Shea in 1986! my prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family!
    All the best,
    Mario Barroso Jr.
    Miami, Fl.

  46. I’ve been offering Masses and Rosaries for your inner peace during your fight to be cured. You have been a beautiful example of a moral family man. Keep God close to you and your family through this difficult time.

  47. Gary,
    As a 91 year old malignant brain tumor survivor (so far), I wish you the best and offer my advice!
    Gary, Make this a game, not a fight, There is too much fighting in the world. Pick your “dream team”and show you know how to win.

    My son was point guard, with backup of loving family and medical miracle players these past 10 months of surgery, radiation and chemo.
    Perhaps you will have a favorite to bat “cleanup”.
    It’s everyone’s desire to watch your “game calling” and certain victory.
    Play Ball.
    Leland Page

  48. Not a big baseball fan, but as a 76 year old four time cancer survivor (prostate; vocal chord; lung; larynx) with a hole in my throat through which I breath while playing 18 holes of golf each day and enjoying all the extra years medical science has given me I have one thing to say to an apparently beloved hall of famer … your motto is right on the money my friend, just never give up and hang tough one day at a time as your latest adventure unfolds because these incredible physicians and clinics do amazing things that some folks call “miracles”. Godbless and Godspeed Gary.

  49. Dear Gary,
    Wishing you strength, hope, support and faith on your road to recovery. Just wanted you to know that 1986 was a magic year for me thanks to you and the Mets, and I was blessed to be at all home games of the world series that year. It was a baseball season I will never forget, and the one bright spot in a truly dark time in my life. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  50. You have been my hero since you first became a Met. I have admired your spirit and your character. I had everything “Carter”! I even got to meet you when I went to your booksigning in lower Manhattan. My boss gave me time off to stand in line. We briefly shared our faith in Christ. I still believe in miracles! And I pray for you in this time of trial. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE.

  51. I Said A Prayer for You Today
    by Frank J. Zamboni

    I said a prayer for you today
    And know God must have heard.
    I felt the answer in my heart
    Although He spoke no word!

    I didn’t ask for wealth or fame
    (I knew you wouldn’t mind).
    I asked him to send treasures
    Of a far more lasting kind!

    I asked that He be near you
    At the start of each new day;
    To grant you health and blessings
    And friends to share your way!

    I asked for happiness for you
    In all things great and small.
    But it was for His loving care
    I prayed the most of all!

  52. Kid,
    You have always been there for me. You have inspired me to be the best I can be. Although your baseball history is greater than great, your life to me and our freindship have no equal. You’ve been there for my family in times of joy and sorrow and have shared many things. I am a better person having known you. You are my friend, my very best friend and Jo, Nick and I pray for you every night. I long for the the time when we can talk and laugh together again. Although there is always a long time in between our visits, you are always on my mind and in my heart. Can’t wait to see you again,
    Your friends,
    Russ, Jo and Nick

  53. Gary,
    I used to play in your charity golf outing and was the person who first got to and took care of the boy that was hit by a car. You won’t remember me now, but every year you would say hello and always ask about that child [who is doing fine now as an adult]. I am not a Mets fan, but I will be a Gary Carter fan to my dying day.
    My hopes and prayers are with you.

  54. We are so saddened by the news. We have had the privilege of meeting and being with Gary numerous times over the past ten year at different signings and functions. We feel he is our dear friend,and hero. We are so proud to know him and hang his pics and Shea banner. God is with him and his family. Our prayers and thoughts are everyday with him. We cheer you on at all the games.

  55. Like most on this site, I was a big fan of Gary. I too wore #8 when I was in little league and collected all his cards. My friends in Georgia (I moved from NY) did not understand why I liked him so much. I always saw him hustle, always saw him play as if he truly loved the game, and always saw him as the true leader of the Mets. My wife let me take a trip to Cooperstown with my step dad back in 2003 : ) What an awesome day. It may seem corny, but I was beaming with pride that day. He was my childhood hero. I know Gary will fight this to the end. My prayers are with him.

  56. I can never forget Gary playing in all the celebrity golf tournaments all over also as a broadcaster for the Marlins & outstanding catcher for Expos & Giants 25 years ago i obtained Gary’s Expos game used Expos home & away jerseys still have them hanging. Please Gary never give up fight this all the way my prayers are with you & family

  57. Kid, I’ve admired your career going back to the days of the Expos. When you arrived in NY, I knew good times were near. After your career ended, you helped out my new team, the Marlins with TV work. Your spirit and savvy was infectious and admirable. I know you’ll pull through. My prayers are with you and your family.

  58. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. You were a great Met and always fun to watch no matter what uniform you had on!

  59. Here is the latest posting on Gary Carter’s condition. Follow his status on this link:


    ?(A post from Kimmy Carter-Bloemers)
    Hi prayer warriors; I just got off the phone with my mom and I have WONDERFUL news! Doctor said specifically that dad’s tumors are 80% better! He is very encouraged and very very pleased with these results (as we ALL are!!) There is much less swelling and the tumors are less dense and “less angry”. The size is a little smaller but the most important fact is that these tumors are starting to GO AWAY! Praise the Lord – praise the Lord!!

  60. You can relax and hustle. You can relax and still fight too. I know you are. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day. All the up times you gave me are coming back to you 100 times over. Keep strong. Let’s go Gary!

    Met’s from ’62