Dickey injured; DL expected.

The news isn’t encouraging for R.A. Dickey, who traveled back to New York this evening with crutches and a boot on his right foot after injuring his Achilles heel.

DICKEY: DL expected.

Dickey described the feeling as if he stepped on a spike, and the club is expected to place him on the disabled list tomorrow. Pat Misch, who hasn’t pitched well since being promoted, is Dickey’s logical replacement in the bullpen.

Another possibility is Chris Schwinden, but manager Terry Collins didn’t mention D.J. Carrasco, who opened the season on the 25-man roster.

Depth was always going to be an issue in the rotation, and the Mets are now without two of their Opening Day starters in Dickey and Chris Young. Don’t forget, the team is also minus Johan Santana, and Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese haven’t been effective.


7 thoughts on “Dickey injured; DL expected.

  1. And if the rumors are true that the budget is 100 next year we will have to build from within. Too bad Jennry may never pitch for us again.

  2. mr dave….. guys come back from tj all the time. why would you make such a preposturous statement about Mejia?

  3. and guys never come back from tj all the time.

    you guys act like surgery is a miracle from God. A few years ago it was Maine had a minor shoulder procedure that was not a problem.

    Surgery is surgery. Yes Tommy John surgery has become much more successful. He was on track to be in our rotation next year. Now he may be 2 or 3 years out. He may be converted to a reliever or he may never make it. No one knows.

  4. Surgery is never a cure all. people have died from the simplest of procedures.
    Everyone heals differently.
    focus on this year. because who knows what lies ahead. certainly not me.

  5. I was reading about the options for Dickey’s replacement. Collins was mentioning several pitchers. Not one of them was the guy sent down earlier.

    In years past there would be no question who would pop back up. Perhaps we are in a new era. Where performance, not contracts dictate what the team does.

  6. Dickey was just getting the feel back on his knuckleball. How much else can go wrong with this team? every year it just gets worse. Ikes ankle is not healing well and Wright has a broken back and Bay has a mental block to hitting.

  7. Look for Bay to start hearing it. Mets fans are frustrated and they always find someone to be a whipping boy.