How much does Alderson know about Wilpon’s finances?

GM Sandy Alderson said a $100 million budget is news, and he hasn’t spoken with owner Fred Wilpon about next season. Alderson anticipates a payroll between $100 million and $145 million. That’s a wide berth, and the spectrum ranges from being able to compete to being a bottom feeder.

ALDERSON: How much does he know about Wilpon's finances?

When he took the job, Alderson said expectations are high in this market and meeting them means spending. Alderson said it is not guaranteed the Mets won’t make an offer to Jose Reyes. There can be no assumption made, Alderson said, Reyes will be is gone.

Alderson has made some conflicting comments regarding his role and the Mets’ financial picture. He said going in he knew money would be tight around the Mets, and indicated just because money will be come off the books doesn’t mean there will be wild spending next winter. He also said he’s been assured there’s enough money to make a contract proposal to Reyes.

How big that proposal is uncertain, but there doesn’t appear to be any indication it will be made any time soon.

Considering Alderson’s reputation, I find it difficult to believe he doesn’t have greater knowledge of Wilpon’s financial problems then he is letting on. Maybe not to the penny, but definitely with a handle on next season’s budget.

How do you take such a job without knowing that information?

Or, considering he took the job at the urging of commissioner Bud Selig, maybe he knows it all and is just minding the store until it is sold.

5 thoughts on “How much does Alderson know about Wilpon’s finances?

  1. Of course they’ll make an offer. When the Mets didn’t want Straw man they made an offer, its just an offer that they know won’t be accepted. Then they can try to convince some fans it wasn’t their doing that the guy is playing for the Yanks or Phils.

    • metsfan (1): I hear you. Just like the offer the Yankees made to Joe Torre, who they didn’t want back in the first place. It would be a public relations nightmare to see Reyes go, but a total fiasco if they didn’t make at least a cosmetic offer.-JD

  2. He knows the finances, he has to know what kind of money he has to work with, he is probably under a non-disclosure agreement.
    Either way the wilpons dont want anyone to know they are poor. just like trump, they continue to give the appearance of being rich and successful. that is why trmp dropped out of race. he doesnt want anyone to know his net unworth.

  3. It is reported this morning that David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is the new future owner of the Metropolitans.