Damage control by Wilpon and Mets.

In what best can be described as panic damage control, owner Fred Wilpon apologized to Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes in a conference call this afternoon. Wilpon also left a message to David Wright.

REYES: Biding his time.


On SNY, there’s a feature on the 1969 team, as if that will prove a distraction from today’s mess.

Meanwhile, at Wrigley Field this afternoon the Mets held a “let’s band together’’ team meeting in the wake of Wilpon’s comments and news the team will lose $70 million this season. Beltran said he’s 100 percent and not the 65 to 70 percent Wilpon claimed.

Reyes said all the right things, such as the owner Wilpon can say what he wants, and “I’ll give the team everything I can. … I’ll continue to do my job and play my game.”

Reyes will not talk about his future. He’s not lobbying to stay here.

Nonetheless, the feeling is getting stronger Reyes will soon be dealt. Ditto for Beltran. Given that, why as the owner would he devalue his product?

Both Beltran and Reyes said they will keep playing their games, which is another way of saying they’ll just keep auditioning for the July trade deadline.

Meanwhile, Mike Pelfrey who should be worried about keeping his own house in order, said perhaps Wilpon should join the players next spring training in their dealing with the media meetings.

First pitch at Wrigley Field is little more than an hour away, but the game is far from anybody’s mind.

2 thoughts on “Damage control by Wilpon and Mets.

  1. Not a good thing to publicly criticize your boss when you are not involved.

    The team is for sale. Maybe not this year but I think it is a done deal. It is reported the 200 mil has already been allocated to this years losses and paying back debt. That means come next year with more losses and the lawsuit perhaps more clear they will have to sell.

    I think it is clear what Fred was doing. By running down your star players you set the stage for maximum flexibility. It is in the same vein as firing willy at 3am in the morning after you sent him cross country. The same as publicly flogging Beltran over getting a medical procedure done that you did not like after having him come back for 2 useless weeks of play to prove he can do it. The list goes on.

  2. it may not have been the smartest thing Pelf has done. But compared to what wilpon did.. it doesnt compare. he showed frustration without really being nasty.
    as far as not being part of it. sure he was when wilpon said. sh.tty team.
    liek several people have said. Wilpon isnt stein Grabber. there’s only one and he’s gone now.
    fred will be gone but as owner.
    steingrabber maybe gone but he still owns the yankees 😉

    I listeend to the 7th inning to the 9th last night and i was dumbstruck. 3 games in a row where we got the merry go round treatment.