Wilpon rips Reyes, Beltran; say a prayer for Gary.

Good Monday morning all. Still ailing.  Spent the weekend in the hospital and will be here maybe through tomorrow.

WILPON: Rips Reyes, Beltran.

I asked Joe D. from Mets Merized Online to post during the weekend and grateful he did. I had my laptop brought to me, so I will get back to posting, including Today in Mets History later this afternoon.

Never mind the games, it wasn’t a great weekend all around for the Mets, beginning with the news of doctors discovering four small brain tumors after Gary Carter complained of headaches.

I’ve spoken with Carter on several occasions. I don’t know him, but always found him to be cooperative and pleasant. I wish him and his family well and ask you say a prayer.

Now there’s the latest Wilpon mess, which will take more than a prayer to fix.

In an article in The New Yorker, Wilpon is quoted as taking shots at Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, questioning their value and performance.

Reyes will be a free agent after the season and Wilpon has to consider the reported $100-plus million the shortstop is seeking. To listen to Wilpon, he’s certainly not going to get a monster payday.

Said Wilpon: “He thinks he’s going to get Carl Crawford money. He’s had everything wrong with him. He won’t get it.’’


Crawford’s deal with the Red Sox is $142 million over seven years, which is steep. I never thought Reyes would get that, especially since Wilpon is correct when saying everything has gone wrong with Reyes.

Reyes is playing well, but has been injured and produced little the last two seasons. A player heavily reliant on this legs, what will Reyes’ game look like at the end of a long-term deal?

That’s the gamble question the Mets, or any team considering Reyes for the long haul, must consider. I’ve said the Mets would like to deal Reyes at the deadline if they can find any takers, and still feel that way. I am even more sure of it after Wilpon, who, in questioning Reyes’ value hurt himself in his asking price.

“Well Fred, if you don’t think that much of him, then you can’t expect much in return, can you?” would be be the logical thinking of any owner talking to the Mets about Reyes.

Reyes could be traded to a contender as a rental and then test the free agent market. However, I can see Reyes pushing for a deal with the Mets or a new team because the collective bargaining agreement will expire in December. He’s obviously won’t get that deal from the Mets now.

Because of the CBA, figure a slow free-agent season early in the winter, and that’s something Reyes would like to avoid.

Wilpon is dead-on about Reyes, and also Beltran, whom the Mets signed after his monstrous 2004 postseason with Houston.

Wilpon said: “We had some schmuck in New York who paid him based on that one series. He’s sixty-five to seventy percent of what he was.’’

Hard to tell if that schmuck was then GM Omar Minaya or if Wilpon was talking about himself. Kind of think it was the latter.

To be fair, the Mets received production from Beltran early, but little the last two seasons because of injuries. However, the Mets must accept some responsibility for Beltran after mishandling his knee injury in 2009.

According to the author of the magazine piece, Jeffrey Toobin, when asked if the Mets were a cursed franchise, Wilpon pantomimed Beltran’s checked swing strikeout that ended the 2006 NLCS against St. Louis.

In all fairness, there is no guarantee of what would have happened had Beltran swung, or even had he made contact. It was nasty pitch from Adam Wainwright.

Also, the Mets had several opportunities earlier in the game before Aaron Heilman coughed up the series-losing homer to Yadier Molina in the ninth inning.

Wilpon did say the Mets were snakebitten, but how can a franchise whose history includes the 1969 miracle and the Bill Buckner-Mookie Wilson play complain about bad luck?

Most of the Mets’ run of poor luck is self-induced with poor management decisions and even worse play on the field.

I can’t see how Wilpon helped himself any in the Mets’ attempts to deal Reyes and/or Beltran by ripping them.


12 thoughts on “Wilpon rips Reyes, Beltran; say a prayer for Gary.

  1. John, I will say a prayer for you as well as Gary. God bless you. John, I have been critical of you in the the past. the truth is you are always very insightful in your posts but my issue was you werent very active after a post. I suggessted to you a few years back that you do more of this day in mets history and now you are doing it regulary and its great. Keep on doing what you are doing and i am sure this site will grow. I am glad that you have kept this site up. Its obvoiuse that its become a labor of love for you.

    get well soon, mi amigo,


  2. If the article is true, it is a must read for any owner or prospective owner on the right way to deal with their players and/or employees publicly in the media.

    Well done Fred! You are my hero!

  3. Wright had a perfect response .. whether he had a choice of otherwise or not.
    “Fred is a good man and is obviously going through some difficult times. There is nothing more productive I can say at this time.”

    there you have it in a nutshell.

    JD get better soon!

  4. 5. he’s a professional. and knows what not to say to the media. the other mets should learn from his responses.

  5. They should.

    This is a media town and you are in the spotlight.

    The owner apparently did not get the memo or he is stressed or perhaps just doesn’t care.

  6. Sorry you are sick Delcos but I am quite stunned that you do anything here except throw praise on Wilpon. you, the guy weho relishes berating Met player after player should celebrate Wilpon following your lead. And seriously do you really think a comment from a ticked off and desperate owner is going to change one thing if a team knocks on the door for Reyes or Beltran.

  7. Larry (1): Thank you for the kind words and wishes. What’s been lacking from this blog since I left the paper has been some consistency in features. I must get back to that. The Mets History is part of that. I kept this blog up for several reasons, not the least of which has been the continued support from my readers. I am grateful for your comments and will try to be more active in responding. Thanks, my friend.-JD

  8. dave (2): Thanks also, for your support. It is good for Wilpon to be honest in evaluating his players, but you have to wonder about the timing of it. Normally, he wouldn’t say such things. I don’t doubt the validity of his comments, but there must be an agenda here.-JD.

  9. Steve C (4): Thanks for your support, also. Wright is the perfect politician. He knows where his bread his buttered and won’t respond to Fred, although deep down he must feel a dig of some sort. Wright also knows there are bigger pay days ahead for him.-JD

  10. metsfan (8): Thanks for your criticism. It tells me you are reading and that is support I am grateful for. I don’t like being attacked, but there’s nothing wrong with fair criticism. … I don’t think what Wilpon said was inaccurate, do you? As I mentioned to Dave, the words were true, but after thinking of it, I wonder what his agenda was. I thought he was harsh with Beltran about the strikeout. It wasn’t as if he struck out on purpose. It is just a play people point to. .. And, you’re right about your last comment. If there’s any owner out there that wants Beltran or Reyes, he’s not going to let anything Wilpon said deter him. Thanks again for reading.-JD