Not a great match-up for Mets tonight.

It is a match-up not in the best interest of the Mets. Josh Johnson against Mike Pelfrey pits Florida’s ace against the Mets’ No. 1, but the numbers clearly favor the Marlins.

PELFREY: Fish not his dish.

Johnson (3-1, 1.63 ERA) is 8-1 with a 2.73 ERA lifetime over 13 starts against the Mets. Pelfrey, meanwhile, won the first start of his career against the Marlins, but has lost his last seven decisions.

After a slow start, Pelfrey is coming off back-to-back victories over San Francisco and Colorado.

The Mets aren’t helped any with Ike Davis on the disabled list and David Wright out with a stress fracture in his lower back.

Wright’s injury tempers the momentum of winning three straight series.


3 thoughts on “Not a great match-up for Mets tonight.

  1. we almost had it. 11 innings. at least the mets are fighting. and not just throwing the games away.

  2. 1. Too bad you didn’t watch, or maybe you didn’t but have trouble seeing. Ther Mets blew this game, no fundamentals, no fight, no nothing. I think you just won’t criticize because the front office and the managerial office guys have the color you love best. Otherwise you wouldn’t lie on every post.

  3. metsfan (2): How come you can’t be nice with others? Just because you don’t agree with somebody it doesn’t mean they are lying. You used to bring something to the table. Now all you bring is anger and contempt for others. It is a shame.-JD