Today in Mets History: Another Tom Terrific Day.

SEAVER: One-hit Phillies on this date.

Tom Seaver had many moments as a Met, including on this date in 1970 when he threw a one-hit shutout with 15 strikeouts to beat Philadelphia, 4-0. It was one of five one-hitters during his Hall of Fame career.

It was one of Seaver’s 61 career shutouts, five of which were against the Phillies. Lifetime, Seaver was 27-14 with a 3.00 ERA against Philadelphia, averaging eight strikeouts per nine innings.

Seaver was 18-12 with a 2.82 ERA in 1970. Seaver worked 290.2 innings that season with 283 strikeouts and only 83 walks. He did all this for the bargain basement price of $80,000.

The most Seaver made in any season was $1,136,262 with the 1986 Chicago White Sox.


2 thoughts on “Today in Mets History: Another Tom Terrific Day.

  1. Why is it that pitchers like Seaver and other pitchers of that era can pitch complete games and be effective but in this day and age pitchers struggle to finish 5 innings.

    They are supposed to be smarter, faster, better, stronger, but they suck. Pelfrey who is our #1 pitcher would have been sent to the minors long ago to learn to pitch.

    What is wrong with todays pitchers?

  2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, $80,000 in 1970 is worth $463,723.11 today. Seaver was pretty well paid by players standards of the day. But that was an era with no free agency, arbitration and few players had agents.