Will Martinez ever make it?

Fernando Martinez is 22, still young enough in the sport where he’s graded most on potential. However, the past few years have been rough on his body and he’s lost more gams due to injury than anybody his age should have the right to.

MARTINEZ: A glimpse into what was supposed to be.

At one time Martinez was part of a group of three Mets outfielders who were going to race their way to stardom. Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez and Martinez were three raw talents blessed with speed, quickness and the potential – there’s that word again – for power.

They represented a bright future for the Mets, young, athletic and talented. They would be something to see, and teams were always rebuffed when they called. Reportedly, the Mets said no to Manny Ramirez for the cost of Milledge.

However, the opportunities given Milledge and Gomez – especially the former – didn’t pan the the Mets relented and Milledge was sent to Washington for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church, and Gomez was part of the package that brought in Johan Santana.

With Santana’s injury, there’s nothing left to show for the trade. Once one of the top prospects in the majors, Martinez isn’t even one of the top five Mets’ prospects. Times have changed.

Martinez, called up Friday night as a patch in the Mets’ outfield, hit a two-run, pinch homer to remind us once again what all the fuss was about. But, did he show us a glimpse into the future or into what was supposed to be?

3 thoughts on “Will Martinez ever make it?

  1. OK, I miss the days when i didnt have to login if i didnt post for a few days. Now to the topic. Yea, we are all excited by fmarts big homer yesterday. But we cant get too excited as he has already been on the Dl once this year. I hope he can get it together now because he will be a free agent next year. Milledge has been a waste. Saying that Gomez for santana is a waste is one of the most stupid comments I have seen here. Gomez is nothing. Santana has been a great pitcher for the mets and is doing very well on his rehab according to reports I am seeing on Metsblog.com

  2. I am pleasantly surprised to see that FMart is having a good season. In the past he starts well only to go to the hospital as his permanent residence.

    I hope he makes it. I hope he stay healthy and makes his mark on this team. But it is just hope. He has to prove to me that he can be healthy for a full year and that he has the time to learn how to hit, how to field and generally how to play the game.

    Never having actually played a season has hurt him tremendously.

    Lastings was a waste. It is his fault he never did anything. As you state he has talent, but talent alone will not make you a good player. Perhaps at this point he should focus on his music management career.

    I lost touch with Gomez. My impression is he has a good glove and is searching for a bat. We gave up a lot of players in the trade. Several high draft choices, but no one of consequence. I would do the trade again in a heartbeat. Even if one of them panned out it was a good move. It is too bad Santana was already breaking down. But he was one of the top pitchers in the league. It is not his fault he was surrounded by amateurs in the front office and the field.

    I don’t know if he will ever pitch for us again, but he is a true talent with the winners will to win. I appreciate players who leave it all on the field and he is one of them.