Unanswered questions about pending Mets sale.

There are more than a few things racing through my mind regarding the pending 49 percent of the Mets by the Wilpons. While the Wilpons will receive some financial relief, these questions remain:

Does the $200 million go to the Wilpons, or will it be put back into the team in the form of repaying the $25 million debt to Major League Baseball and to player acquisition?

Should the Madoff scandal go to court as expected and the Mets lose, what then? If the Wilpons are forced to sell, will the minority investor become the majority owner, or will the remaining 51 percent be sold piecemeal or in one unit?

What direction will the team take with the new minority investor? Can we interpret this to mean the Mets will be able to re-sign Jose Reyes, or will the team continue its austerity program?

What will the Mets’ new budget be for 2012 and beyond? We still won’t expect the Mets to be buyers at the trade deadline, regardless of how well the team is playing at the time.


3 thoughts on “Unanswered questions about pending Mets sale.

  1. Donal (1): But, is it going to pay down debt or go for player acquisition? I’ll reword that in the post. Thanks so much for your response. Good talking with you in the chat room.-JD

  2. All valid questions. SAC is out of it but the remainder will have good lawyers to draw up the contract. I am sure they will get first dibs on buying the whole thing.

    I am conflicted on Jose. He is a very good player, but he is not consistently good. He gets injured or has his bouts of just bad play.

    There are few better than he when he is on. He is still young. I would hate to see him go, but I can see the Mets without him and Wright.

    There are just too many holes on this team. We have Ike and Jose and David. Right now that is about it. I like Niese and Santana is still here. But as you can see we are thin.