Interesting talk, but Bay is staying.

I had to chuckle this afternoon when I tuned into the talk show and heard the announcer say it was time to trade Jason Bay, that a change of scenery would do him good.

BAY: At intro press conference. In happier times.

How could it not?


Citi Field might be too expansive for Bay, and sure there’s the New York pressure, and playing somewhere else just might turn around his career. But, it is wishful thinking.

Bay isn’t going anywhere, at least not for a few years, anyway.

Only somebody with deep pocket would be willing to take the balance of Bay’s $66 million contract off the Mets’ hands, but nobody wants to do the Wilpons any favors.

The Red Sox backed off their initial offer to back because of concerns over his knees and shoulder, and whether they would hold up over the course of the contract.

So far, those haven’t been an issue like Bay’s concussion and oblique, but they are still out there. What is on everybody’s radar is Bay’s monstrous contract, a full no-trade clause, and lack of production, notably a dramatic drop in power.

Sure, Bay might benefit from going elsewhere, and no doubt the Mets would like to get out from under his contract, but he’s not going anywhere.

Just wishful thinking.

3 thoughts on “Interesting talk, but Bay is staying.

  1. John, I’ll be honest… Bay has to go. For both the Mets and his career’s sake. It just isn’t working.

    What I’d like to see happen here is the Mets take part of the salary, which should net them a better prospect (but not a stud) and find a home for this guy.

    There are a few AL teams I think he’d fit nicely with and even some NL ones.

    I think he just needs to go before his career is totally ruined

  2. jessep (1): I have no problem dealing Bay and agree this isn’t working out. My point was that he’s next to impossible to trade because of his history and past performance. To deal him, the Mets would have to assume part of his salary, but even then, how much would it take?-JD

  3. I thought about this as recently as just this last winter. Even though Bay didn’t have a great year with Mets my thinking is that maybe another team with a hitter friendly park just MAY also feel that Bay might not be suited for New York and spacious Citi Field.

    It depends on the other teams situation but it may not be the worst idea or not that impossible for a team with a hitter friendly park to take Bay off the Mets hands.

    But as time goes by and Bay continues to look like more like a slap hitter than a slugger that option too may disappear very soon and the Mets could be stuck with him as well.

    All I can do is just HOPE that somehow Bay can return to his old form and right now the first thing I would address is his swing which seems to be very top hand oriented. There is no uppercut to his swing whatsoever. He may need some old fashioned drills off tee to start perfecting an uppercut swing than take it into live batting practice. From there start with how early his hips start turning and how early his right elbow begins to drop to initiate that uppercut. Whatever the case that’s what he needs to do.

    I’m sure he’s seen footage of himself when with Boston, at least I hope he is.