Reyes makes you wonder at times.

We keep hearing how good Jose Reyes is, that at 27 he’s a mercurial talent with the potential to be one of the great talents of the game. And, he is good.

REYES: More head scratching.

But, it’s always something with him that makes one pause to think, “what is going on with this guy?’’

Over the past six games Reyes is hitting .440 with a .517 on-base percentage, but that stretch included two head scratching moments Saturday that shouldn’t be excused just because the Mets won that game.

In the second inning he was picked off first as strolled back to first inning, and in the seventh he was inexcusably thrown out at third trying to advance from second on a ball hit to the shortstop.

Stuff like this just shouldn’t happen, especially to a player supposedly as good as Reyes. The play at third is something they teach players in hight school not to do.

Just a couple of more in a long line of earth-to-Reyes moments that have marked his career. They are what separates good from great.


10 thoughts on “Reyes makes you wonder at times.

  1. Yeah. He is not the perfect player. None of our guys are. He has talent, but sometimes he does this. This is training. Players today are rushed forward because they have a 95 mph fastball or can hit it over the fence.

    So we get major leaguers who are incomplete. I guess they will never be complete.

  2. 1. Yeah the only perfecto is Delcos. Blast away at umps, players who are the most exciting offensive guys in 50 year history of the team., Blast away Delcos. Your glass house must be so freakin lonely.

  3. Metsfan(2)

    What is John doing that every other sports writer does not?

    He is commenting. He is putting ideas out there. You are welcome to agree or disagree.

    Why are you getting so personal?

  4. 15 more games. at 50. we can really start picking the team apart. remember they are “rebuilding” and also re-injuring.
    I have seen some good come of all this, but on the same token. i still see some of the same bad habits.
    time will tell.

  5. dave (1): You’re right. Reyes, and no player, will ever be complete. With Reyes I hear so much about him and his potential and wonder why he’s not greater than he is. I was just pointing out something that makes me wonder.-JD

  6. METSFAN (2): Hi Mel Israeloff. Nice to see you still reading your favorite sportswriter. I knew you couldn’t stay away. Peace.-JD

  7. The play at third is something they teach players in hight school not to do.

    Funny, I learned how to proofread in high school too, but I forget to do it now and again. (sorry couldn’t resist!)

    In all seriousness, I get that you’re just putting it out there, and yes sometimes he leaves me scratching my head, but this post is almost tantamount to a St. Louis Cardinals blogger writing a post called “Pujols is kinda slow on the basepaths.”

  8. Berbalerbs (9): What can I say? You got me. Great catch. Should have been more careful. Glad you read and hope you’ll came back. Best-JD