Bay needs to produce – and now.

BAY: He can't be smiling now.

I am not a big stats guy. They can be telling, but also misleading. With some numbers, you can twist them into meaning anything you want.

That’s not the case with Jason Bay, whose numbers have been fundamentally telling and just plain bad. He  hit six homers with 47 RBI while batting .259 last season. I am aware of the injuries and having a slow start, but he had enough of a window – 401 plate appearances over 95 games – to understand that’s terrible.

An  injury this spring  has limited him to 11 games and 48 plate appearances, but has only .256, with one homer and three RBI to show for it. Not a great window, but one that says it can’t go on like this much longer.

Of all his numbers, his 14-5 strikeouts-to-walks ratio is most telling. There’s not much plate presence.

It is time for Bay to produce, and I mean with power, to justify that $66 million package. The Mets acquired Bay not to hit singles or act as a decoy in the batting order, but to hit the damn ball out of the park.

With his current production, Bay is impossible to unload, so the Mets figure to be further burdened by his contract, making other moves difficult.

Bay’s value to the Mets is to live up to the hopes and expectations they had of him when they offered him all that money. The pressure is on Bay like never before, but that can’t be an excuse. Playing in New York is about producing, and he’s not.

There’s time to turn it around, but it won’t be long before the bust label becomes official.


5 thoughts on “Bay needs to produce – and now.

  1. dave (1): It sure doesn’t hurt. In hindsight, it doesn’t look as if the Mets did enough research on Bay before the signing.-JD

  2. 3. Check his career more closely, especially you Delcos. You are supposed to be a pro. Bay had no problems hitting HRs in Pittsburgh. check their left field. Very big. Eh, maybe letting facts get in the way with your blasting players is not in the cards.

  3. METSFAN (3): He’s obviously having problems hitting with power now. Nowhere did I mention the size of the outfield at Citi Field. Don’t know what you’re talking about. The point is they paid for a power hitter, now hit with power.-JD

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