Big Pelf or Big Poof?

Just because Mike Pelfrey is feeling better doesn’t mean he will pitch better. There’s been very little about Pelfrey this season that suggests he’ll come up with a big performance today against the San Francisco Giants.

PELFREY: We've seen Pelfrey doing a lot of head scratching this season.

Pelfrey has been a disappointment after taking a positive step forward last summer. In his last start at Philadelphia, he pitched after losing 11 pounds because of the flu and never should have been out there.

But, he hasn’t been sick all spring. Pelfrey is laboring too much on the mound with command and pitch selection. He isn’t working quickly, which is what he did last year when he was effective. Instead, he’s back to being deliberate, which smacks of indecisiveness and a withering confidence.

Pelfrey has failed to go five in three of six starts. He’s walking too many hitters and doesn’t have the command of his sinker, regardless of the count.

Pelfrey has minor league options remaining, and with another poor start this afternoon, there could be discussions about whether he needs to take time for some fixing in the minors.


11 thoughts on “Big Pelf or Big Poof?

  1. Big Poof needs to go to AAA to work on pitching. I believe one Cy Young we faced recently did just that not too long ago.

  2. Big Poof has talent, but he has yet to put together a good year. He has had one or two years where in total he has pitched well, but he always goes a month or more where he just flat out sucks.

  3. dave (1-2): There will always be down moments, but Pelfrey’s seem prolonged. Perhaps he was rushed, but that’s behind him now. He’s had enough major league games to realize what needs to be done. Now, let him do it. And, if it means two or three weeks in Buffalo, so be it.-JD

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  6. Maybe when you get down to it, Pelfrey is a .500 pitcher. He will have good days and bad days. Will going down to the minors really change him to a .600 pitcher? if it would, I am in favor of it. But it may not do any good.

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    I would hope it would. He has a number of pitches of which his heavy fastball is the best. He needs to locate and he needs to keep it down and he needs to trust himself. Those are the comments I hear every year about him. He gets away from his best pitches and he lacks confidence. Perhaps beating up on lesser competition will allow him to breathe and prove to himself that he can adjust.

    You are right he is a 500 pitcher. I believe he should be more.