Beltran will be hard to deal.

Although he is playing well, it is not likely the Mets will be able to trade Carlos Beltran at the deadline, which would be their preference at to get rid of as much of his $18.5 million salary as possible.

BELTRAN: Won't be easy to trade.


Entering the season, at 34, Beltran’s age, salary and injury history assuredly meant it would be his last year with the financially strapped Mets.

Beltran is playing for one more contract, but can’t count on a team dealing for him this season and signing him to an extension at that time.

It likely won’t happen because even half of Beltran’s contract would be hard to swallow on a rental and four months is too small a playing window to ascertain if he’s worth long-term extension.


There’s also the matter of his agent, Scott Boras, who traditionally prefers putting his players on the open market.

Beltran has hit safely in 13 of his last 15 games, and is batting .294 with a .379 on-base percentage. Power wise, he has four homers and 11 doubles.

But, most importantly, he’s running well on his knees and has taken to right field. The health issues that have dogged Beltran the past two seasons appear behind him. Yes, it is early, but Beltran is playing regularly (the last game in which he had less than three plate appearances was April 12, the first game of a doubleheader against Colorado).

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3 thoughts on “Beltran will be hard to deal.

  1. Let us say we trade him, who replaces him? Pagan is hurt again. Hopefully this is not a season long ( as well as career long ) issue.

    We have two stiffs to back up the outfield and as you remind us Bay has left his power in Boston.

  2. Didn’t realize I had to register 1st but now that I did I can comment on your post.

    I agree that if the idea is for a team to trade for him and then sign him to a long term extension it doesn’t look plausible.

    I don’t think though that is or will be the case with Beltran. He most likely will be traded to a team just looking to rent him for this season only.

    Since I believe the Mets don’t get any compensatory picks for him if he just goes free agent. It’s imperitave the Mets if they are out of a playoff hunt to get whatever they can for him. Maybe they get a live body or just a salary dump I can’t say what it will be but anything is better than nothing if the Mets don’t have a whiff of a chance at playoffs come the trade deadline.