Collins admits mistake in starting Pelfrey.

Terry Collins played the media perfectly last night, even in defeat.

Rather than run away from his obvious blunder to start Mike Pelfrey, or worse point fingers at others, Collins did a un-Jerry Manuel like thing and pointed the finger at himself.

“It was my fault,” Collins said. “I write the lineup. I didn’t need to pitch him. I had a little concern there might be a problem. I know better than that. … It was my responsibility to take charge of that and I sent him out there.’’

From there, Collins diffused the issue. It only becomes a topic again should he repeat the mistake.

Beat reporter want credibility. They understand the game, and when one of the participants screws up they want him to be man enough to stand up.

Managing pitching staffs is a lot about trusting the pitcher, and against his better judgment, Collins listened to, and gave in to, Pelfrey’s request to pitch. After the game, Pelfrey said he was fine and didn’t want to use having the flu as an excuse.

The fact is he wasn’t fine. It is admirable he wanted to pitch, but he wasn’t thinking about what was in the best interest of the team.

Pelfrey should have backed down last night.


One thought on “Collins admits mistake in starting Pelfrey.

  1. Why give him credit. You act like he’s a rookie manager likie Willie Randolph was when he was hired. He’s been around. He was a weak manager letting the player rule. Wasn’t this the knock on the last guy? He shut the press up. Whoopee. Who cares. other than the press. He screwed up. For his third MLB job that’s pure crap. He had a starte sitting in the pen and he had to follow the orders of his godnot master Alderson who has decided to screw gee up by making him a releiver in the bigs, again wasn’t that the knock on the last regime? Hmm…. Same old crap. New names same bad way to run a team. But give them a pat on the back because Collins said what every one already knew.