Upon further review; time for more replay in baseball.

Sorry for the late post, but it has been a rough day. I think I might have come down with what’s been going through the Mets’ clubhouse.

REYES: Ump blew call big time last night.

Anyway, like you I saw the play involving Jose Reyes at third base last night. Umpire Marvin Hudson blew it on all levels, from not seeing the play, to falling for the acting of Washington’s third baseman Jerry , to making a bad call, to not asking for help.

I don’t think he was in proper position to make the call in the first place.

Reyes was clearly safe, and his animated protest illustrates to me he knew he was in there and he never left the bag. The Mets were fortunate the blown play didn’t cost them the game. MLB odds were not affected.

Umpires are going to miss calls, that’s part of the game. Nobody is perfect, and that includes umpires. But, to blow it so bad, and not even hear a comment from him later, borders on being reprehensible. I want the umpires to be as accountable as the players. The goal is to get the play right, and last night they didn’t.

Since getting it correct is the goal, it is time to expand the use of instant replay. It is implemented on home runs and it is time for use on the bases. The extra three or four minutes it would add to the game is worth it for the goal of getting it right.

It shouldn’t be too hard because the bases are fixed locations, just like fair and foul, and the walls on homers. Cameras on fixed locations could ascertain in the runner came off the bag, whether the fielder applied the tag and if the tag was on time.

They’ll never have instant replay on balls and strikes, but having it on the bases is the logical next step. The umpiring has been on decline for several years and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. The game is getting faster and faster, and it is expected calls will be missed. But, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to accept poor performance from the umpires.

It is bad enough there’s no consistency behind the plate, but Major League Baseball shouldn’t have to endure the same on the bases, especially when that would be an easy one to fix.

The sport is making a pile of money and there should be a fifth umpire located in the press box with a monitor to evaluate the replay. Enough is enough, get it right.

3 thoughts on “Upon further review; time for more replay in baseball.

  1. I am a traditionalist.

    Should this not be about process?

    Training? Getting help? Consulting?

    Calls will be missed, even with the replay. Make the call and move on. Do it right.

    It has always been this way.

    Or perhaps we get rid of the umps all together. Put 100 camera’s in there and someone in a booth making a call.

    Take out the human element. But I want the human element and I do not like interleague play.

    Change is not always a good thing.

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  3. I agree with Dave. Yes a blown call can and many times means the game. But under this new team. it lit a spark. and the fact that both chip hale and collins went out and protected reyes by being right in the Umps face spoke volumes.
    The fact no one was thrown out , spoke volumes. what happened next, won the game.
    This is how the teams should behae. get screwed by a call. ramp it up 3 notches and give em all hell.