Santana update. Could he be dealt?

The Mets arrive at Nationals Park this afternoon with the news Johan Santana’s rehab is progressing, but not to where the team is willing to put a definitive timetable on his return. And, it won’t until he starts throwing off the mound, and even then any date will depend on his pain threshold.

SANTANA: Positive update.

While the news is encouraging, I’m not counting on Santana being a viable pitcher this season, and that even if he does return it will take time before he rounds into form, if at all.

The goal for Santana is to recover from his surgery and regain his strength, however long it takes, and not worry about him going seven or nine innings. Just get out to the mound, period. The intent should be to get him ready for 2012, and if not, at least ensure he answers any health questions a contending team might have if it wants to pursue him in a trade.

Personally, I’m not holding out any hope Santana makes it through the rest of his contract uninjured considering he’s already had three surgeries since joining the Mets.

If I’m the Mets and I can pull off a trade, I’d jump on it. You have to considering their legal and financial restraints. They’ll have Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and probably Francisco Rodriguez off the books after this season. They would be lucky if they could add Santana’s contract to that list.

The plan is to continue throwing off flat ground – he’s currently at 100 feet – through May, then get on the mound followed by rehab games. Santana said this spring he wants to reach 180 on flat ground before getting on the mound.

Santana posted an update on his Twitter account.

The positive outlook is by the All-Star break, and pitching coach Dan Warthen said he’s hoping for a dozen starts.

The Mets spent their day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center this afternoon, with no reports so far of any no-shows. Last season, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran blew off the trip which is a favorite of owner Fred Wilpon. Beltran said earlier he would make the appearance.


5 thoughts on “Santana update. Could he be dealt?

  1. Unless the Mets can get good prospects back, it doesnt do them any good to trade away their best players. And I doubt we can get any top line prospects for any of our guys.

  2. If Alderson could trade Beltran, K-Rod, and Santana at deadline and get a few decent prospects and rid the Mets of these contracts, he’d truly be a genius in my book.

  3. Chili (3): Nice to see you posting again. The best case scenario would be in unloading those contracts, but the money owed is the greatest obstacle in making a trade in the first place. Nobody really wants to help the Mets.-JD

  4. I agree. This is a transition year. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Even if Santana comes back healthy he is not the player he was. I would rather build a team for 10 years than 2.

    I guess the team got the memo from last year regarding the charity event.