The Mets and their winning ways.

Good day all. Mets are off today, then on to Washington and Philadelphia. They are winners of four straight and playing good baseball, the kind of baseball they promised during spring training.

Some are saying the Mets’ recent success is because they played Arizona, but don’t forget, the Diamondbacks pretty much had their way against them recently.

So, what has been the difference?

Like with the losing, it isn’t just one thing to point to, but a myriad of issues.

First, as usual, it begins with starting pitching, which has been excellent, averaging seven innings and a 2.63 ERA over the past six games. Wouldn’t it be sweet to get that for the entire season?

In addition to shutting down the opposition the first part of the game, the length given by the starters enabled manager Terry Collins to set up his bullpen and cut down on the appearances by some of the more combustible relievers, notably D.J. Carrasco, who was optioned in order to keep Dillon Gee on the roster.

The bullpen has responded, in part by the absence of the ineffective and injured Bobby Parnell, which allows Collins to go to the more experienced and productive Jason Isringhausen. I’m not saying Parnell won’t ever make it, but for now Isringhausen is the better choice.

It will be interesting to see how Gee’s role changes over the next 10 days to two weeks. He’s been an effective starter, but he’s sure to see time in long relief.

“We think is Dillon does have to move into a different role, we want to see how he performs,’’ general manager Sandy Alderson said.

The Mets’ hot streak also coincides with the return of Jason Bay to the batting order. Bay has played well and offers a degree of protection to Carlos Beltran and David Wright. Bay also returns Willie Harris and Scott Hairston to the bench, which was thin.

Wright is hitting again and Ike Davis has been hot. Also, Beltran has stayed upright and is hitting.  Maybe it was time to catch a break, but when the struggling Angel Pagan went down, Jason Pridie was brought up and has performed.

Is there even such a player as Ronny Paulino? He was supposed to be activated tomorrow, but has a strained oblique.


5 thoughts on “The Mets and their winning ways.

  1. So this is what happens when your starters know how to pitch and your lineup hits. Wow.

    I like that we brought up a bona fide CF rather than using the refuse to play Pagan’s position.

    It helps that Murph is not an embarrassment at 2b and the pen is not blowing up.

    Speaking of which, how did we land Izzy anyway?

  2. One more note.

    Isn’t it great that Bobby P can’t pitch and the team isn’t in the toilet because of it?

    This is different from years past where every question mark that didn’t go right was to blame for the terrible team we fielded.

    Pedro’s hurt – that is why we can’t win.

    Alou is hurt – that is why we can’t win.


  3. true.

    but you win the games you are supposed to.

    and we got crushed by this lousy opponent not too long ago.