For one night all was well.

What a difference a well-pitched game makes. On consecutive nights the Mets received length from their starter to alleviate some of the burden from the bullpen. Tonight Mike Pelfrey will attempt to snap out of his miserable start.

Chris Capuano was superb last night, giving up a run in seven innings. He only walked two, which meant the game moved along at a crisp pace.

David Wright also snapped out of a 0-for-20 funk with a homer, double and three RBI. He’s not all the way back, but for one night at least played like an All-Star. The long loop that had been his swing during a stretch of 23 strikeouts in 73 at-bats seemed shorter and quicker.

Jason Bay went 1-for-4 in his return, but more importantly didn’t hurt himself. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Angel Pagan, who pulled a muscle in his left side. That’s a tricky injury so don’t expect him anytime soon. Such injuries usually land on the disabled list.

The Mets open a three-game series tonight against Arizona at Citi Field, with Pelfrey going against Joe Saunders.

I sure hope Pelfrey took notes last night on Capuano, who challenged hitters with his fastball and whose command was nearly flawless. Also vital was his quick pace. His tempo was up all night, and unlike Pelfrey when he struggles, Capuano didn’t labor.

One thing I’ve noticed about Terry Collins, is he sometimes writes a check with his mouth that his team can’t cash. For instance, last night he said he believes the Mets are capable of playing like they did every night.

Easy, Terry.


7 thoughts on “For one night all was well.

  1. Pelfry is the most annoying Met. He teases us with his great stuff and last year he put up such a nice first half that people were demanding he be put on the all star team. That is until he tanked his last few starts before halftime. Counting on this guy to be an ace shows the desperation of this team. Lets hope he gets hot again so we can dump him for some prospects.

  2. Ray (1): Most annoying Met? Hmmm. I like that. Could be poll worthy. He is a tease, no question. He’s especially irritating to watch when he works so slowly. Dare I say it? Reminds me of Perez in that respect.-JD

  3. Trachsell was the slowest, but at least he had an Idea of what he was doing out there. Funny thing about him is he won 15 games in 06, crapped the bed in the playoffs and was never heard from again.

  4. JD, Maybe he was just done. Since he didnt pan out with the Orioles, I suspect this was the case. Trax was a lot of things, but to call him a quitter I think is unfair.

  5. I dont know what went on between those two, but I still find it hard to believe. This guy pitched his heart out to get the cubs to the playoffs in a one game showdown with the giants in 88. Trax was never a fan fav. He took too long and had mediocre stuff at best. He survived on guile and heart. He took the demotion to the minors and got it turned around. Maybe Willie was just pissed off and he knew trax wasnt coming back the next year. A convenient scapegoat if ever there was one.