Your passion lives even if the Mets don’t.

R.A. Dickey throws a knuckleball, and last night he pitched well, but not good enough to win against the Houston Astros. After the game, Dickey threw high heat, not only at himself, but his teammates.

“We have to find a way to be honest with ourselves about what kind of team we are. We can’t just keep telling ourselves, ‘Oh, we’re a better team than this.’ We may not be.’’

There has not been a better analysis of the Mets this season. Maybe not for a long time.

So, let’s be brutally honest.

Their pitching, both in the rotation and out of the bullpen is not good enough to win with in the National League. It might not even be good enough to win with in Triple-A.

Fundamentals, which was supposed to be their upside, has been poor in all aspects. They have not hit for power or in the clutch. They’ve given away too many at-bats both at the plate and in the field.

And last night on the bases was atrocious, from Angel Pagan’s slide at the plate to Jose Reyes being doubled off first in the ninth inning.

It does me no joy to write this, but it is the truth. I don’t see where Jason Bay’s return will provide immediate help.

However, we all knew this heading into spring training. This was supposed to be a bridge year until payroll was cleared the Mets could be able to spend next year.

Payroll will be cleared, but probably nothing significant by the trade deadline, so let’s not expect any flashes at mid-season. Major League Baseball has taken over control of the Dodgers, and who is to say the Mets aren’t next? Who is to say the handpicked selection of Sandy Alderson as general manager isn’t close to the same thing?

Ownership is in a state of crisis, and until that is resolved things will continue to be bleak for the Mets and the crowds thin at Citi Field, where they are a dismal 1-8 for the worst home start in franchise history.

Hell, the 1962 Mets did better than that at the Polo Grounds.

Three weeks into the season and the Mets have five victories to show for their efforts. The Angels’ Jered Weaver has that many by himself.

But, this is your team. You’ve cheered for them in gloomy times before and will pull for them again. That’s what loyal fans do.

All you Mets fans on this blog and the dozens of others that follow your team. All of you who watch on SNY and tune into WFAN, and to those who read the papers every morning. You do so because the Mets are your passion.

And, they are lucky to have you.


9 thoughts on “Your passion lives even if the Mets don’t.

  1. I saw a headline about the Dodger takeover this morning and immediately thought the Mets will follow along soon enough.

    I cannot wait till this ownership regime is over. Their financial problems will cause them to sell. Hopefully an enthusiastic owner will be found that does not have the hubris to think that just because they own the team they know more than the man they hired to run it.

    I believe that the team will be dismantled this season. We are far from a team. Our pitching staff is a joke again. This is Omar’s fault as he was here for 6 years and he left without a decent rotation and a useless pen. We do not have power in the corners and no bench.

    I think dumping Emaus was the owner telling the GM to do something so he did. A minor move, but something was done. Murphy had a good night last night.

    I don’t know if the new GM is better than the last, but at least in the Spring he seemed honest and forthright.

    An ownership change cannot come soon enough.

  2. I hate to admit it but Francessa has been right about the mets these last few years. His rant last week was right on. Reyes and Wright are not clutch players. Beltran has been next to useless the last couple of years. He said break up the core after the 08 collapse and it looks like he was right. Except for a couple of pithcers, the minors are bare. We all like Ike, but its too early to tell if he is going to be any better than a 20 HR guy with a good glove. Thole has his 4th passed ball last night. that puts him on track for what? 40? Its a disgrace.

  3. Ray (2): There are no signs of it getting better. Actually, Thole is relatively new at catching, so what does that tell you about the Mets? Maybe I have a block, but I don’t see them dumping Wright any time soon. Reyes is another matter. How does one get doubled off in the ninth like that? Just weak on so many levels. Let him go. They haven’t won anything with him. Come to think of it, they haven’t won anything with anybody else, either. It is going to be a long road back and by the time they make it, most everybody here will be gone.-JD

  4. As a follow up we do have some talent in the minors. We do not have a ready 2b, we have some blemished ss candidates who many feel cannot play that position in the majors. We have a handful of OF’s in the low minor leagues that look interesting as well as a couple of pitchers not named Jenrry who might help in 3 years or so.

    I would be ok with this team if the owners changed and they blew up the team to allow the young players to come up and play. It would not be pretty. We would lose a lot of games, but the team would have to lower their prices and sell the team as the team. Come watch the kids play.

    If we draft well and do not kill the talent on the way up we have a chance to be fun in a few years.

  5. As for Wilpon, Its been his team since the late 90s. The valentine run was mostly due to Doubledays insistence on getting Piazza. that fizzled out and we got the mo and alomar years. Fred said lets bring back our old friend Omar, Look at what a great job hes done in montreal. (Colon trade, anybody) So in comes Omar and Freddy spends some of his money and we get Pedro and Beltran and an exciing year in 2006. Of course it would have been different if pedro hadnt broken down in midseason which everybody knew was just a matter of time. Omar kept trying to patch up holes every year and never had enough pitching. Mets never drafted over slot and so we have a barren farm system. Wheres all that dominican talent Omar had a line on? Fred and Omar have destroyed this franchise. As fans we are naturally optimistic, but this year has been a slap in the face. It will take years to make this team a contender again.

  6. Ray(2)

    I think we said the same thing in 08. Jose and David have not been clutch players and never will be. Neither is Carlos. All are talented. None are clutch.

    I am fine with a 20hr guy with a glove at 1b. Keith and Olerud was that kind of player and I am fine with that kind of play.