Collins manages big; Wright gets it.

I loved the way Terry Collins managed yesterday afternoon, using RA Dickey and Chris Capuano in relief. After losing seven straight, Collins pulled out the stops yesterday in how he handled his overworked bullpen. Yesterday was their throw day anyway, so why not use them in the game to take some of the pressure off the pen.

WRIGHT: Brought some smiles yesterday.

The message was also clear to his team that every game is important. It’s something neither Willie Randolph nor Jerry Manuel would have done. There are times a manager might sacrifice a game in April or May to save his pen for later which I understand. But, all too often a manager doesn’t fully utilize a starter’s throw day, which is something Collins did and I hope isn’t reluctant to do again.

I also like how he moved Josh Thole to second. Angel Pagan hasn’t been producing and Collins took advantage of what Thole brings to the table. I also hope Collins sticks with Brad Emaus at second base. This could be construed as an experimental season and I’d like a real look at Emaus. It couldn’t couldn’t hurt.

By this time, you’ve probably seen the video of David Wright playing catch with Braves fans from the field. Wright hasn’t played well recently, but rather than sulk he continued to be a good ambassador to the sport that pays him well. There are a few guys who truly understand their role to the public and Wright is one of them. This guy gets it.

Long after those kids forget what happened in the game, they’ll remember their moment with Wright. Maybe he turned them into Mets fans, who knows? The important thing is he made a memory and there’s no price tag you can put on that.

On the field, however, Wright is again striking out too much and not delivering in the clutch, and twice this week ended games by making the final out with the tying and winning runs on base. I’m not going to bury Wright. He’s not a guy like Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard or Alex Rodriguez, who can carry a team on his back. He’s a hitter at his best when there are others around him producing. He is what he is, and that’s not going to change.


5 thoughts on “Collins manages big; Wright gets it.

  1. Collin’s decision worked out better than the June 23, 1975 game where Yogi brought in Jon Matlack with the bases loaded in the 7th inning of a 0-0 game. For some reason I can’t remember the hitter was Reggie Smith (switch hitter) but Red Schoendienst sent up Ted Simmons (also a switch hitter). Simmons hit a grand slam. Yup, it was a double header loss too as the Mets couldn’t score a run all day. Yogi got fired six weeks later.

  2. I think we need 30 pitchers on this staff to get through the season.

    So far the pen has not been that reliable.

    As for David I do not think he is the man. He needed Delgado to have good years. Both he and Beltran are not the man. I think they got Bay to help with the lineup, but it looks like although Jason seems like a nice guy and he hustles he is injured or so far is not even avg at the plate.