It’s looking like the same old Mets.

We’ve heard this before.

If you didn’t know the words belonged to Terry Collins, you’d swear they were Jerry Manuel’s or Willie Randolph’s.

COLLINS: Reading from Jerry and Willie's script.

Collins held a brief team meeting after last night’s latest loss and told his players, “we’re one pitch away, one swing away from being 9-2, and we’re not.’’

In some form or another, they are the words from a manager of a losing team. His players don’t make that pitch, or connect on that swing, because they aren’t good enough collectively to do so.

Last night the bad pitch was thrown by Jon Niese, but the decision to throw it was made by Collins, who let the lefthander work to Troy Tulowitzki with first base open resulting in a three-run homer.

The offense struggled again as the Mets dropped to 4-7.

“Well, we’re answering the same questions every night,’’ lamented Collins. “It’s time to start making pitches. It’s time to start getting a big two-out hit.’’

R.A. Dickey and Chris Capuano go in today’s doubleheader in which the Mets wrap up their brief homestand before heading to Atlanta, where they rarely do well.

A doubleheader with no day off following will undoubtedly tax an already worn bullpen, something the Mets don’t need before facing the Braves.

Long forgotten was the Mets’ 3-1 start, as they have gone 1-6 since. However, didn’t we expect this, and wasn’t it a matter of time before we heard those words from Collins?

Here’s the Mets’ line-up in Game 1:

Jose Reyes, SS

Daniel Murphy, 2B

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Angel Pagan, CF

Willie Harris, LF

Scott Hairston, RF

Josh Thole, C

RA Dickey, RP

10 thoughts on “It’s looking like the same old Mets.

  1. I watched a clip of his interview last night.

    TC is a very frustrated man. I expect him to bust a gasket soon.

  2. Reading some comments, TC is criticized for some moves. Leaving Duda in rather than putting in defense potentially costing a game and pitching to a hot hitter with a base open.

    The manager chose to stick with a young guy ( showing confidence ) and pitching to a hot hitter ( again not wussing out and going toe to toe ).

    Is it a bad thing to do that? Not sure. It costs games certainly, but it also says the manager is challenging you to do your job rather than taking an easy way out. Force the player to grow early in the season. I do not necessarily disagree with that approach.

  3. It’s early in the season. i think most of our issues are with the young pitchers and the lack of a coach.

  4. Another day, another L in the column. Actually Two for Thursday. I didn’t have high expectations for this season but the Mets have managed to disappoint me.

    Reyes is hitting well. What can we get if we trade him?

  5. Mr C,… Your very biased hatred toward Warthen is ridiculous. The issues are with young pitchers? What young pitchers? Capuano Young dickey Pelfrey are a senior leaden staf. The bullpen is old. Amnd Is the fundamentals you rave about are things like the 2nd baseman screwing up three times in one game, outfielders afraid or too lazy to go after deep fly balls because they might go near the wall, moron runners goung from second to third on a grounder to third. Yeah,m all those great fundamwentals are Warthen’s fault.

  6. Mr dave.. Keeping duda in the game late is apparently not a bad move since the other outfielders are lazy and bad with the glove. At least duda tried hard. Is that why they domeoted him and kept these old losers on the team instead?
    Having a guy pitch to a great hitter is one thing, but to do it when the guy is on fire is just plain stupid. Tulo is so hot he could hit blindfolded. You don’t let him totally destroy you.

  7. metsfan,

    I have not seen much of the mets this season. I have watched some of the first few games. I was just commenting on post mortems i have seen or read.

    perhaps tc is a disaster as a manager. he is hot headed and looks to blow a gasket soon. however as noted above if he is making these choices to set expectations for his players and to show them that he is giving trust in their abilities i do not have an issue with that approach.

  8. 5.) MetsFan – these seasoned pitchers were all under warthen. i never said the field work was his fault nor the pitchers.
    However, I feel if they were revamping, since pitching was top of the list, i figured they would get a new coach.

    as for my bias against him, I dont like a manager that outs a pitcher and calls him a liar. that one statement can blacklist anyone.

    My opinion is , our base running and hitting have gotten much better under the new coaches. perhaps pitching would do the same. but hey what do i know. I only watch the games … i dont play them.

  9. Mr C. We will never discuss baseball again. You can love the mets all you want, you can. love Alderson and Collins all you want, you can hate Warthen all you want but to make any assinine statement after the little league performance by this supposed baseball team, the last week at Shea Bridge Stadium just indicatess that you have no knowledge, NONE of baseball, or you are on the payroll of Alderson and spenmd your days writing stuff to defend his poor roster moves. Either way, there is no sense discussing this game with someone such as you. It would be more interesting talking to the bricks outside the park.

  10. 9.) as you wish. i wont lose any sleep. because obviously you are not a die hard fan.

    7.) TC is doing what he can, he made some good moves and some bad moves. its only game 13. we need to give this revamped team a chance. yeah these loses suck. but honestly they were close. some of them we should have won hands down. but pitching and poor fielding by the rookies hurt.
    I am giving them 50 games before i have an opinion.